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This is the second in a series of new submissions called Thrumming Textures. I present my Dean electric guitar. I have had this instrument for about 4 years and regularly record it for soundscapes and textures. I find it works really well under arrangements and has a warm low-end.

This library is a diatonically sampled, single-dynamic-layer instrument, recorded clean and direct into my Focusrite Saffire Pro 40. I sampled each note twice to add stereo width; using my finger on one side and plectrum on the other. Using delay, reverb and compression, the resultant library works best as a soft pad.

A special thanks to Matt Mahan for creating a Kontakt version!

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  • Bright and soft sound of guitar, excellent!

    Softly repeating guitar sound. Similar to the A Guitar which he captured, but I think E GTR has more brighter sound. I like both - E GTR made me think of rain drops.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • Thrumming brilliant

    The Thrumming guitars is a great way to add a soft bubbling texture to your music. Though perhaps a little less versatile than other sounds in this range, it does however sound fantastic!

    R.Treves18 October 2021
  • Dreamy Guitar Textures

    I think this one is my favorite from the excellent Thrumming Textures series. The electric guitar sounds super soft and warm and it is fantastic for creating a dreamy atmosphere. You really have to hear it, it sounds so gorgeous. Still no GUI still doesn't matter. If you like ambient guitars definitely check this one out. Highly recommended!

    AndromedaX826 September 2022
  • Gives me the thrums.

    For some reason the database can't find Dan when you search for him, best way is to "thrumming" into the search field as he's the only samplist to use this term. Thrumming refers to sporadicly played notes that create a murmuration of sound. If you love your samples to be unpredictable so they inform your compositions whilst still definitely playing your music then Thrumming Textures part of a series is for you. Beautifully played, recorded and executed an inspiration.

    Christian Henson12 October 2021
  • Beautiful ambient bed.

    In a similar way that composers like to have a real string player playing lead melodic lines and then use samples to fill out the background textures. I find that these ambient guitar patches work great to support guitar recordings. The thrumming idea is awesome with unpredictable rhythmic pulses. Dan is probably my favorite samplist and a large part of me getting so into orchestral music. As i said in my review of thrumming acoustic, since the rhythm is pretty unpredictable it might work better to start a track with this and then build off that rather than trying to fit it into an existing rhythm

    septemberwalk30 October 2021
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