The story

My first acquaintance with this instrument happened a couple of years ago, when my sister began studying domra at a music school.
This is a very entertaining thing. Having a not very wide playing range, you can create amazing tunes that sound resonant and soulful.
In my opinion, the instrument is especially revealed in the orchestral sound, when several domras create a dense stream of melodic sound.

In this package I sampled domra for two modes: MELODY (Domra_Notes) and STRUMMING (Domra_Strum).
The controlers for both modes are identical. They allow you to adjust the volume, set the space using reverb, and limit the sound brightness using a low-pass filter.
Use your own effects at your discretion, but I highly recommend ping-pong delay effect in MELODY MODE.

I hope this tool will be useful to you, or will inspire you to create your own melodies.
If so, write, I will be very grateful! All the best!

A short introductory video is attached:


Reviews for Three Strings Domra

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  • Very well tuned and stable.

    The sound options have fullfilled nearly all kinds of playing the instument I guess. And it is clear, fine in tune, with soloing or strumming.

    Paul_Smith15 April 2024