The story

I was amazed with the voice of this sheep (recorded by my wife in Taiwan), so I decided to make a fun pack using its voice.

The initial recording of the sheep’s voice has been processed in RX9, and it is fun to hear how. the pitch of the sheep drops down a bit at the end.

I have tuned its voice into a range of C4-C5 with Melodyne, and I have also added a phaser–the main reason behind the phaser is because I felt like the sheep is somehow laughing while the phaser is on (i.e. more fun).


Reviews for The Sheep

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  • The cure against composer's anxiety

    While you are working on music, you may worry about deadlines, or you doubt if your fans enjoy the song you wrote, maybe you wrote a lot of music but you still have a hard time paying those bills. That is where this library comes in! I can guarantee you that this legendary sheep will give you a good laugh and will relief you of all your anxiety.

    It's a very simple library, nothing more than just a funny sheep sound, stretched one octave. But it does sound very funny. Also, the GUI is super simple, but the image is absolutely amazing, I am considering printing that picture on canvas and putting it into my living room, truly wonderful!

    I would also really love to see someone making a good demo with this instrument, that would be hilarious and super impressive.

    Anyways, thank you Austin. This library gave me a good laugh!!!!

    BenBerkenbosch25 September 2022
  • Fun, but that's it :P

    Oh well, this just one of those libraries to have fun with! It's a simple, tiny little patch that features one full octave of a sheep's cry, nothing more, nothing less.

    GUI, 5/5, hands down, no questions asked.

    Alex Raptakis01 September 2022
  • Not usable but "A" for sense of humor

    This isn't really a realistic sheep sound, but if you want that, I'm sure you can find many for free on the net. This is a silly twist on it but props for having fun with it. Silliest VI I've heard since Delay Lama. :)

    joe x14 January 2023
  • You wanted a sheep? You got one.

    If you download this instrument hoping for a sheep sound, you'll be pleased.