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I created a choir with just my voice. I used Shure KSM32 up close as I wanted it very soft and intimate sounding. I used a Neve 1073 pre, with U.A. 1176. I recorded similarly to how some are recording the piano (using the cycle of fifths) .My range vocally is a LOT less than the piano obviously, so it did not take long! I did this process several times and layered until it sounded close to a choir. The idea was that it would be more a choir pad for a track . It will NOT be Eric Whitacre’s go to library!! Haha Besides the main Quiet Choir I also included Swells and one combining both, “The Quiet Choir GRAND” . Start with that one to get the full effect!

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  • Heavenly calm and healing pad

    I absolutely love the sound!! Gorgeous healing sound. Calming long pad, easy to play. I will definitely be using this in my composition!!!

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • Utterly beautiful.

    Even though I've done plenty of sampling in my time I had no idea it would be possible to make a choir THIS good from a single voice - it kind of bakes my noodle. Depth, width, atmosphere - this has it all in spades. If this is the mood you're after it's perfect. Despite what others have said I wouldn't say it's technically quiet either - 4 notes held at full velocity gives -15dbfs on the single patch and considerably more on the multi, depending where you play obviously; plenty loud enough quiet choir for me.

    Mark Lord03 December 2021
  • Just love it

    Peaceful calm quiet delicate voices. Just perfect for so many things. One that I will definitely use.

    Ray20 October 2021
  • Awesome drone/atmo maker

    Lovely lash pad sounds. Using some extended chords instantly teleports you in the stratosphere or foggy forest with fairies doing some spiritual healing rituals

    Petr Knedlik16 October 2021
  • Ok, it's the VERY quiet choir

    I mean, it is really, really quiet. And the patches themselves are all the way up, but I guess that's something that can be pushed in the mix with many many methods. With that said, it creates a very wholesome, yet nostalgic feeling. You will find though two patches, the normal and a "swells" one - and a multi with a multi-preset that actually worked the best for me.

    Hard to believe this is just Joshua's voice, because I could swear I can hear some angelic children voices! I am not a fan of the selected wallpaper though... It kind of takes away the emotional aspect. There are also no settings at all, so you get to play whatever Joshua intended.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
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