The ÓPIA Glitch Toolkit

A collection of different glitchy instrument created by the OPIA discord community.......

The story

Its not an instrument – its a lot of them.

On a rainy day, the Discord community of Ólafur Arnalds gathered together for the community competition stream, hosted by the man himself. The stream started lagging and created a new remix of the songs being presented – which gave me the idea of making an instrument from these cool glitches. It started with some simple sampling of glitchy sounds and the songs, but then the project got out of hand and more people joined to create the biggest and most delicious community instrument ever.

Different people submitted samples and instruments and created a massive 2GB collection of different creative sounds and instruments. The list of instruments contain pianos, pads, percussion, textures, glitches, guitars, my girlfriend trying to open a jar of jam and other stuff we don’t even understand.

So embrace the glitch and get composing with The OPIA Glitch Toolkit, the largest instrument at least spiritually on Pianobook!

Heikki Ketola Project lead, sampling
Ben Berkenbosch Sampling, demos
Paul-Edouard Lacolomberie UI design, sampling, demos
Miloslav Burda Scripting, demos
Paul Claypool Sampling
Ben Whitfield demos
Ólafur Arnalds Meme supplements

Patch list:
Arnihilator Guitar
Arpnalds 120bpm
Beyond Ice
Birds Guitar ensemble
Davy Jonasson
December Morning Car
Deep Waters
Dirty Swell Embraced
Fjord Guitar
Freddy The Egg Piano Burned
Freddy The Egg Piano Clean
Glitchy SFX
Human Opening Pad
Human Polysynth
Human Soft Synth
Icelandic Winds
Olafurious 100bpm
Orthis 120bpm
Piano Model O
Self-dying Piano
Some Kind of Glitch
Splinkitof drumkit
The Jam Jar
The Random Piano
Unnamed But Very Cool DRY
Unnamed But Very Cool
Vikingngngng loop 120bpm
Vikingngngng Piano

Official Demo 1 Ben Whitfield

Official Demo 2 Ben Berkenbosch


Reviews for The ÓPIA Glitch Toolkit

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  • Character
  • Playability
  • Inspiration
  • GUI

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  • RIDICULOUSLY amazing

    OH MY GOD I have no words to describe how good this is. There are 37 single patches to be explored here, and each one offers a completely different sound signature - from well crafted and wholesome lead sounds, to ridiculous SFX! On top of that, everything sounds super interesting and unique, with a GUI that gets a 6 out of 5, hands down. My favourite patches have to be Birds. Re_actor, Self-Dying Piano, Unnamed but very cool, and of course, The Random Piano!

    Alex Raptakis20 November 2021
  • Super fun, super interesting, and super unique !

    This one is a very unique and characteristic library. I enjoyed working with it whilst writing my demo for the library. There are certainly a few patches in there that stood out to me the most, such as the Reactor patch, and the Fjord Guitar patch and a few more. But I feel like different people who write in different genres will have different favorites, and this library covers quite a wide range of sounds for all, but namely glitch stuff as the name suggests. Sound quality is pretty great and the sounds themselves are certainly quite inspiring. It also plays well, no real issues on that end. All in all you can't go wrong with this toolkit, it certainly gives you some new flavor to work with and after all, it is free !

    Ben Whitfield21 November 2021
  • guhhhhhh!! (good)

    Oh my! This is one of those sample packs here that is a huge potporri of stuff that you know you'll find some gems in. Personally crazy about PianoBOOk, fjord guitar, and random piano. But I'm sure there is some weird stuff to tickle your personal fancy. GUI is funny, especially adding automation to the volume. And yeah. Love this, no reason not to get it.

    ryan weeks21 November 2021
  • Very interesting

    The UI is fabulous and funny. The instrument has a variety of different sounds and I guess its useful for many people. Some of the sounds are good and some weird, so its a good mix of different things.

    Karasjok22 November 2021
  • Holy crap!

    This is just epic y'all. Not only is it useful af, but it it helps to remind me to learn more so i can contribute to this community soon. Thank you so much.

    Gary23 November 2021
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