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This fun library was born during the 2020 pandemic. During the lockdown period, I made a YouTube music video using only the sounds of the Notebook, and it turned out better than I expected. After that, I decided to turn the notebook samples into a fun Kontakt Library so others could also use it, and perhaps get inspired to make music with odd objects. This Kontakt instrument offers 2 patches: Elastic chromatic notes; and Percussion notebook sounds with an ASMR vibe. It also comes with built-in Reverb, Stereo Delay, Punch and Drive effects, and a Cutoff knob. It is a very unique sounding instrument with a wide range of fun sonic possibilities. For Full Kontakt 5.8 +
You can check out the video, and more fun libraries at Enjoy!

Making music with a Notebook


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  • Imaginative

    Pushing the limits of the imagination with the limitation of only a notebook

    Inspiring, useful and fun

    This library really starts to come alive when you apply the effects section which is brilliant and professionally tuned. No strange resonances here like in many of the other libraries that attempt to add effects and you end up just using your own third party plugins instead. The effects built in here are unique sounding and don't make me want to reach outside of the interface itself to process the notebook samples.

    The user interface is exemplary for pianobook and I would rank it among the highest. The creator of this library strikes me as a professional sample library maker.

    Tremendous work Edu Prado

    Bob Guido03 January 2022
  • Literally one of my favourite VST's

    THIS HAS NO BUSINESS BEING AS GOOD AS IT IS WOW hahahaha. Literally this is just so creative and sounds so freakin' good. I LOVE IT BRO.

    Rachel S01 March 2022
  • An amazing surprise!

    No, it's not based on your girlfriend's favourite romantic movie, but an actual notebook! If you haven't clicked the video yet, do it! You will be sold after the first few seconds! This is an incredible instrument that features two kinds of sounds: a pluck lead and a percussion.

    The sounds are very nicely sampled, and they sound amazing right from the get-go. The two work really well together, but it doesn't stop there! The effects included work amazingly well, too. Note that the Delay included is tempo syncled, and the timing is set to a quarter by default. The knob on top of it increases the volume of the delayed effect, but you can alter the timing through the deeper Kontakt instrument settings!

    The two instruments exist within the one provided patch and they are controllable via the two handly keyswitches, along buttons within the fantastic and perfectly designed GUI. All in all, amazing instrument, highly recommended!

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Super fun, super usable, super awesome!!!

    On the surface of it, this didn't seem that exciting, until I downloaded it and started playing. Was I ever wrong about this! What a great library this is! It's well recorded, well edited, and it has a knockout user interface! I have actually paid for libraries of found sounds like this before, and I've recorded sounds like this (writing paper noises, etc.) in pieces to add a 'real world' percussion flavor to tracks. I feel confident I'll find many uses for this library in the future. The recording is so clean and the editing is nice and tight. The percussion alone would have made this library perfect, but the addition of the elastic synth/bass pushes this over the top to new levels of greatness. Watching this video makes me wonder what I've been doing with my life that I haven't reached that level of creativity! I think this is going to be one of the future classics of the PB site! Bravo!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 02 December 2021
  • Complete Genius

    I don't really know where to start - next time you hear somebody say "I can get inspired" or "I don't have the sounds" or whatever, just show them this... and make sure you watch the video. This is the sort of thing that ends up as an Apple ad on TV. The instrument itself consists of a percussion kit and a "rubber band" bass/pluck instrument. But here the whole is so much great than the sum of the parts. Everything is edited and presented perfectly. The GUI is slick and the effects chosen are spot on - do note the on/off buttons under each effect control, I missed then at first and wondered why nothing would work... doh! It's got me wondering what I could sample. I mean, a notebook? It's ludicrous... Ludicrously good it turns out.

    Mark Lord28 December 2021
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