The story

Tracking electric guitars in a home studio can be a challenge as sometimes even micing an amp and pushing it to get feedback is out of the question due to family/neighbors. Guitar Rig is sometimes the only option but recording direct means no feedback. I wanted to make a way to always have the option to have that sound when I needed it, so I waited till the house was empty, mic’d up my Strat to my Super and turned it up to 11 1/2. The result is The Feedbacker. I can now add layers of screaming feedback to any guitar track I want and now, so can you.

The Feedbacker is 15 different instruments. The setting I call OG, is the one where almost every note comes from a different sample. All the other instruments use only one sample as it’s source so the sounds are much more consistent with each other. Any way you use it, it’s tons of fun and very useful. I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. Also, it responds pretty well to pitch mod so you can emulate whammy bar effects as well.


michael blake


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  • something different

    awesome sounds here! very musically usable. Something unique. Well done sir!

    vitaming116 February 2024