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I am inspired and humbled by the connectivity of this musical community. I look forward to contributing in any way I can. I offered two pads that I recorded from an old 1930 Wurlitzer Baby Grand.She’s tired and doesn’t stay in tune well, but has some charm and character non the less! I recorder her in my farmhouse in Massachusetts, that dates back to 1780.

*Note… I saved the Kontakt Files as Monolith being I created everything with one single sample from a high note to be pitched down and become more synthy, Re: Christians latest video.

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  • Another nice ambient pad

    The sound is a slow-attacking ambient pad that is playable and easy to use. The "rusty pad" doesn't sound rusty, it's just beautiful :

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • Oodles of ethereal atmosphere.

    I like these, a lot. Two multis here. The first, the "Ambient Stereo Pad" is slightly softer and more haunting than the second. Rich overtones abound with hint of harmonic bowed glasses or tamtams appearing at times. Pretty much anything you play sounds great, either magical or foreboding depending on the notes you choose. The "Rusty Pad" is slightly more crystalline, but never harsh. It gave me the same feeling as listening to the start of Vaughan Williams "A London Symphony". Truly magical stuff and just goes to show there's no direct correlation between Gigabytes and Inspiration.

    Mark Lord30 October 2021
  • Two great multis from Joshua!

    This sample pack contains two great multis from Joshua. The "Rusty Pad" multi sounds very much like tremolo strings in the middle register, While the "Ambient Stereo Pad" feels like some reversed sounds. Both are well recorded, fun, and inspiring. I'm confident many people will find these sounds very useful!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 30 October 2021
  • Soft, warm pad sounds..

    Pianobook's professor of pad sounds has made a gem here. Some of the samples seem a little noisy. But overall this is a beautiful sounding instrument.

    R.Treves20 October 2021
  • Great sound but a few minor issues

    I love the sounds joshua gets and this is no different. Its beautiful, delicate and organic. However i have a few issues with it. In the first patch the main pad that is panned to the center is very short and doesn't sustain for very long. Then the other two pads are panned left and right. I appreciate joshua trying to do some sound design for us and separate the different pads but it doesn't work for me here because once that original pad dies out, you're left with two pads on either side of the stereo field that don't really play in time with one another. Maybe this would be cool for certain scenarios and i know its fairly easy to just pan the sounds center but i feel that they should have just been left in the center in the first place and given us the option to pan them if we want to. This is still a great sound though

    septemberwalk27 October 2021
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