The English Felt

The English Classic piano re-recorded with felt....

The story

The English Felt – by Tim Didgiunaitis

Following on from last years English Classic. I have great pleasure in introducing the English Felt. Same piano, different recording technique. After watching Christians felt piano experiments I thought it only fair to have a go myself. I cut three pieces of felt to the sizes that I needed due to the design of the piano and stuck the felt to the inner workings of the piano with blu tak. (high tech)

I recorded the piano with two Rode M5 small diaphragm Condenser microphones going in to the Tascam Model 24 hybrid analog mixer/audio interface with just a touch of the analog compression. This in turn fed in to logic and Christians recording template.

There is just a slight bit of room on the instrument and a low cut filter. Nothing more.

I really enjoyed recording the piano again and hope you find it useful. Needs the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1.


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  • I can barely hear it...

    This piano has quite a few problems. The lower range - before the middle C - is louder, and after begines to be VERY quiet, and the two dynamic layers don't help at all. On top of that, there are some clicks to be heard every now and then if you try to play with the sustain pedal, and then noise gets built up relatively quickly. It definitely need some work to be done and unfortunately I can't recommend it.

    Alex Raptakis19 October 2021
  • Not for me

    I kind of understand the idea, I guess. A few tweakable parameters could'nt hurt. Not bad! I was just looking for something else to complete my already existing piano libraries.

    andrelaos18 October 2021