The Birdcage

An intimate upright piano dampened with a birdcage mechanism....

The story

This is my Wade Upright piano, this piano is and example of a “Birdcage” piano so called because its over damped and the dampening mechanism looks a bit like like a birdcage.

I acquired this piano about four months ago when me and a flatmate where looking for a small piano to teach on. We found this one on eBay for £5 so I borrowed my dads van and set of for Rochester. After lugging it into the front room of our tiny East London flat we set about tuning and refurbishing her a bit. We know that it was made between the 1930’s and 1950’s but beyond that we don’t know much about this particular piano. Theres no serial number or other obvious way of identifying it, and we can find very little about Wade Pianos on the web so If anyone knows anything about these pianos please get in touch, we know its

It has a lovely intimate sound, very characterful and the birdcage dampening creates a lot of mechanical noise which I personally think adds to its charm.

Due to our lack of any decent noise reduction software we haven’t been able to noise reduce these samples, I’m looking into this but I was really hoping someone from this community might be able to help me out with this?


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