The story

This is part 3 in a growing now-trilogy of swarmatron-inspired free Kontakt instruments! It uses 6 different bowed acoustic stringed instruments, with 40+ different strings playing at any given moment, all of which can bend in and out of tune with one another up to an octave in either direction with a CC control.

I have a thing about pitch instability, which I try to explore on any of my scores that allow for it, and this is one of my latest experiments. It has a somewhat folksy quality that can go from mellow and quiet to very harsh and disturbing, and it lives somewhere in between Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross and Hildur Guðnadóttir’s Joker.

Instruments used:
-Gibson J-45 Acoustic Guitar
-Fender High Strung Acoustic Guitar
-5-string Banjo
-a pretty broken Marxophone
-DIY Cardboard Mountain Dulcimer

Additional 12-String Mode transposes the high strung Nashville tuning guitar’s lower 4 strings up the octave to approximate the octave strings of a 12-string guitar. If played along with the J-45 in standard tuning, you get a full 12-string sound.

As with my others, BYOS (Bring Your Own Splosh – you already have your favorite reverbs and don’t need Kontakt’s! …unless you really want it and then you can bug me and I’ll add it in)

I hope you like it and please share your experiments with me!


Reviews for The Acoustic Swarmitar

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  • This is my favorite instrument I've ever found on Pianobook

    Love this one.

    I'm a big fan of strange sounds with atmosphere. My current work is focused on atypical instrumentation with an organic feel. And this is perfect addition to that orchestra.

    I've found so much use for this patch along with the Electric Swarmitar and the Swarminet. It has a ton of character and is very modifiable with the ability add or subtract instruments and intensify the "swarm" detuning.

    Awesome instrument. Would love to see another.

    Kaze05 June 2023
  • Another incredible swarm instrument!

    In a very similar way as the other extraordinaire swarm instruments by Paul, this one shares the same idea but with a different range of instruments. This time, they are 6 different acoustic instruments similar to a guitar, and they all sound great either individually or combined. They might seem very bright and harsh at first but with the included handy filter you can fix that quickly.

    The swarm is by default bound to CC2, whereas CC1 is the filter and CC21 is the vibrato. There is also full ADSR controls and the entire keybed at your disposal. Very nice as always!

    Alex Raptakis20 March 2022
  • A great Tampura style instrument with a twist.....

    Thanks for this! It's got real character .

    Garry Hughes21 March 2022
  • Nice guitar sound

    I like the sound of this guitar a lot, it feels like a handy tool for some interesting sounds that are hard to come by otherwise.