String ODDsemble

An impressive collection of instruments grouped together to create bowed string sounds....

The story

I created a string library from bowing a bunch of misfit instruments that I have. I used an old baritone Uke, a beat up Elitone archtop guitar from the early 40’s, a Dan Electro Longhorn Bass, a Mountain Dulcimer, an old 1950’s Czech Upright Bass and a Gamelan Gong from Bali (not shown in pic!) I created a huge multi in Kontakt, then loaded individual notes back in to Pro Tools and treated with some filtering, verb etc and mapped it out. I also created a reversed version. You can start with the Multi I created that has both panned hard for a cool stereo spread.


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  • Can be used like a synth pad

    Nicely sampled collection of strings. Easy to use and the sound quality is great. I think it can be used for many occasions.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • One of the best combinations I've heard

    This is a trully nice instrument that sounds something between a pad and a drone. You may really lose time while playing it. The combination of a normal and a reversed patch is genious and you can definitely use them individually if you want. Unfortunately there are no options for you to play with. I'd personally love to have a a stereo separation option, along with full ADSR control. The GUI offers nothing but a nice picture of some string instruments.

    Alex Raptakis14 October 2021
  • Full Disclosure, this is my favourite thing, so I can't be objective

    I downloaded this very close to the day when it was uploaded. I've used it on more records than I can recall and there are times when I just load it up and bliss out, without even pressing record. I can't be objective about this, because I love it. Thank you Joshua, for making my life, and my music, a better place.

    Consterdine12 October 2021
  • Not so ODDsemble

    This ensemble has a very finite range but perfect, if used in the right setting. I would use this is soft and very intimate context.

    ddailey12 October 2021