The story

I created a string library from bowing a bunch of misfit instruments that I have. I used an old baritone Uke, a beat up Elitone archtop guitar from the early 40’s, a Dan Electro Longhorn Bass, a Mountain Dulcimer, an old 1950’s Czech Upright Bass and a Gamelan Gong from Bali (not shown in pic!) I created a huge multi in Kontakt, then loaded individual notes back in to Pro Tools and treated with some filtering, verb etc and mapped it out. I also created a reversed version. You can start with the Multi I created that has both panned hard for a cool stereo spread.

Reviews for String ODDsemble

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  • Full Disclosure, this is my favourite thing, so I can't be objective

    I downloaded this very close to the day when it was uploaded. I've used it on more records than I can recall and there are times when I just load it up and bliss out, without even pressing record. I can't be objective about this, because I love it. Thank you Joshua, for making my life, and my music, a better place.

    Consterdine12 October 2021
  • Can be used like a synth pad

    Nicely sampled collection of strings. Easy to use and the sound quality is great. I think it can be used for many occasions.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • One of the best combinations I've heard

    This is a trully nice instrument that sounds something between a pad and a drone. You may really lose time while playing it. The combination of a normal and a reversed patch is genious and you can definitely use them individually if you want. Unfortunately there are no options for you to play with. I'd personally love to have a a stereo separation option, along with full ADSR control. The GUI offers nothing but a nice picture of some string instruments.

    Alex Raptakis14 October 2021
  • A thing of beauty

    Delicate and evolving string pad which sounds utterly gorgeous. Having the octaves in makes it richer - though I did that for my taste it was lacking a little depth in the low end. Waves RBass adding some low harmonics and a little eq and it's perfection. Could see so many uses for this as love how there is so much "movement" within the sound. First class.

    Mark Lord01 November 2021
  • Beautiful but not my favorite of Joshuas

    Joshua has spoiled us with so many great instruments, especially pads derived from string instruments. While this one is of course beautiful, organic and ethereal its not one of my favorites from his catalog. I feel it's a bit un interesting compared to some of his other stuff and lacks some mid range weight and body. I really love his Ambient Hybrids, check that out if you haven't. I have no complaints about this instrument, its great but since Joshua sets the bar so high I have to be honest that I think many of his other pad instruments are more interesting and have more character than this one. Joshua is one of my favorite samplists on the site and i always look forward to his releases.

    septemberwalk30 October 2021
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