Strato Piano

A hybrid piano that pays homage to the guitar....

The story

As I was jamming with my guitar (a Fender Stratocaster) I decided to sample it!

But rather than emulating a guitar sound, I wanted to create a new instrument that paid homage to the guitar and had a piano feel.


Reviews for Strato Piano

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  • A nice warm sound that glimmers!

    I am not sure if this was intentional or not, but this is an amazing instrument if you want to put some randomness to your ambiences. When playing on it I noticed that the release was a little short, so I started playing with the sustain pedal, only to realise that the notes repeat by themselves in different timings. As a result, you get this awesome randomized glimmery ambience that goes super nicely with the included depth effects.

    On top of that the sampling is very good and the GUI is excellent as well! You can still play it as a regular instrument, just keep in mind that if you hold the notes too long, they are going to repeat by themselves. The only thing missing is a release knob, but that wouldn't go well with the automatic repeat.

    Alex Raptakis24 April 2022