The story

Popping in one day last week to my deserted, locked-down school to pick up a few things from my office, I put my head around the door to our main school hall, and there, in the middle of the stage, in near darkness, stood our beautiful Steinway concert grand, unloved, and unplayed for months. I thought it might be fitting to try to create a thing of beauty from such a sad sight.

St. Helen’s Steinway Pad was made by recording middle c and the octaves above and below it in a random sequence with the only recorder I had on hand – an Olympus LS-5 digital dictaphone. I then fed the whole 72 second recording through Valhalla’s Supermassive plugin and Arturia’s tape delay and captured the 100% wet output.

The resulting instrument, with a super-slow attack and release, undulates and evolves due to the octaves in the original recording, and provides a dreamy, airy texture, a promise of when the hall will once again soon be filled with music and joy.

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  • Muy Inspirador

    Me ha servido para hacer un precioso colchón sonoro para ambientar una escena de una catedral. Gracias!

    LUCas13 June 2023
  • Beautifully warm, dream like sound pad

    So beautiful, so inspiring. I would play this for a long time. Nicely evolving warm textured pad is my favorite kind of library. It would have been better to have some GUI.

    Asuka Amane17 October 2021
  • A nice atmospheric pad

    This library evokes feelings of the afterlife with it's ethereal quality. Well done.

    lukevaljean29 September 2022
  • All it needs is a GUI...

    I really like the flowing and almost choir type sounds that this instrument makes. I will say that these types of sounds have been done a lot, so it often comes down to the GUI and usability of a instrument to make it stand out from the rest. Unfortunately, this one doesn't have much in the way of a GUI or customizability. Adding those things would really help take it to the next level.

    Christopher14 October 2021
  • Amazing sound with playability problems

    This is a fantastic sounding pad, sampled and processed perfectly - but! The low end is incredibely slow to rise up, and that makes it to not sync properly with everything else. Same thing goes with the highs, they rise up too fast, so their volume steps over everything else. There is also no GUI for controlling the attack, but honestly if it's programmed this way, it wouldn't work anyway.

    Alex Raptakis22 October 2021
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