The story

I was nerding on my favourite synth once again, when I suddenly got the idea to crank up the resonnance…. and I found the result to be really interesting ! Feeling like I was going somewhere, I kept tweaking the knobs and adding layers. That is what I ended up with…

Reviews for Squarmonics

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  • Glitchy Synth Swarms

    This is a very glitchy angular synth patch that kind of swarms. It has a rhythmic kind of gated quality to it that kind of acts like an arpeggiator but is a bit more random. Its not tempo locked so that really limits its usability im afraid. Also. im personally not into these growly aggressive distorted synth sounds so i dont think ill be using this but for anyone who is into aggressive synths i would definitely check this out

    septemberwalk12 November 2021
  • S/H Filter Pattern

    This library presents a resonant lowpass filter modulated by sample and hold. The result is a great analog pattern which is highly rhythmic and fun. I wish this sample was presented in Kontakt format so the Time Machine stretching feature could be used to lock this to the clock of the host DAW. It would be a lot more usable then. So, if you're willing to build a track around this, it's going to be great. If you're looking for something which will adapt to what you're doing, this probably isn't the sample library for you.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 02 November 2021
  • Cool sequencing but very limited

    This synth instrument features a fixed arpeggiator/sequencer, that unfortunately is not tempo synced, and it also breaks once you introduce a note that is not on time. This can create a bunch of chaos if you are not precise or if you are not quantizing properly. I find it very limited since there are no options other than attack and release. The velocity-controlled volume makes it very hard to be consistent too, so you basically can only use it on this specific tempo, and only by programming it.

    Alex Raptakis23 October 2021
  • Note errors and tempo locked...

    The patters in the sounds are really cool, but just beware that they are going to require a specific tempo of your project since there's no way to control them. Also, a D and Eb note are currently the same pitch around the middle of the instrument. Library could use some beta testing and revisions, but I'm sure it'd be great after some tweaking.

    Christopher28 October 2021