A synth with some interesting harmonics....

The story

I was nerding on my favourite synth once again, when I suddenly got the idea to crank up the resonnance…. and I found the result to be really interesting ! Feeling like I was going somewhere, I kept tweaking the knobs and adding layers. That is what I ended up with…


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  • Cool sequencing but very limited

    This synth instrument features a fixed arpeggiator/sequencer, that unfortunately is not tempo synced, and it also breaks once you introduce a note that is not on time. This can create a bunch of chaos if you are not precise or if you are not quantizing properly. I find it very limited since there are no options other than attack and release. The velocity-controlled volume makes it very hard to be consistent too, so you basically can only use it on this specific tempo, and only by programming it.

    Alex Raptakis23 October 2021