The story

I received this instrument as a gift. I’m not a percussionist, and this drum turned out to be my first percussion instrument.
This drum has a characteristic bright and quite loud sound. It perfectly express the atmosphere of Africa and the Middle East. Plus it looks pretty cool 🙂

When sampling this instrument, I tried to convey its frequency range as much as possible. The drum is not large in size and sounds high.
The Round Robin cycles are used for the liveliness of the sound, and for the convenience of playing the instrument with two hands, two playing ranges are provided (different samples for each hand).
With this instrument you can create a tight percussion line for your music with a distinctive vibe.

The drum has only 4 simple sound controls: volume, LP filter, amount of reverb and room size.
So it goes! I hope you find this tool useful. Inspiration and cool mixes for you!

A short video demonstrating the sound of this wonderful drum


Ilian Ladov


Reviews for Souvenir Tunisian Drum

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  • el sonido es claramente especifico de un pueblo oriental

    justo lo que queria encontrar un sonido de tambor oriental me encanta es simple y hermoso gracias.

    thiago20 January 2024
  • Special drum sound.

    Nice bright drum with a soft sound. Good with acoustic instuments or in special folk music mixes. The noise in the hits is a bit like knocking and there are many possibilities to use eq and effects.

    Paul_Smith15 April 2024