Southsea Glimmer

Honky-tonk upright from a church basement with tremolo and other effects....

The story

This old upright piano spent most of its life in a church basement, which gives it an old fashioned honky-tonk sound that I wanted to capture.

I sampled the piano with irregular tremolo on octaves through various guitar effects to created a shimmering piano texture that is great for layering but also useful as an intimate, glimmering solo piano sound.



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  • DEEP piano shimmers

    This is a very interesting patch featuring a very deep, almost muted sounding piano that hosts some soft shimmer textures on top. It is not that dynamic, but the soundscape created is very wholesome but at the same time, if you play in a more typical-piano way with 2 hands, it starts getting kind of noisy and very bass-heavy. I suppose with some EQ settings this might be able to be just fine, but unforunately the GUI leaves you with just a volume and a reverb knob.

    Alex Raptakis19 October 2021
  • Heavenly piano shimmers

    Very simple but extremely beautiful and original instrument. I'm itching to find a film score I could use it on

    Jim Sanger16 October 2021
  • Beautiful evolving piano texture

    This instrument changed the way I see sample instruments. Sometimes all you need to create a unique and inspiring soundscape is ONE sample. I love to play a couple of notes, hit the sustain pedal, and let the magic happen.

    Fred Poirier16 October 2021