The story

A forgotten piano recorded on the coast of Devon.

This old upright piano spent most of its life in a church basement, which gives it an old fashioned honky-tonk sound. I sampled the piano with irregular tremolo on octaves through various guitar effects to create a shimmering piano texture that is great for layering but also useful as an intimate, glimmering solo piano sound.

Now housed in a brand new Kontakt Instrument. Enjoy!




Reviews for Southsea Glimmer

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  • Absolutely Beautiful!

    This is quite incredible for just one sample I can't stop playing it, it really is so surprising how just one sample is working so well here, well done very inspirational!

    Sonder08 January 2022
  • Evolving Piano Pad

    This library is truly great. It presents an evolving piano pad based on a single sample. To me, it screams nature documentary. It is shining crystalline ice, drops of melted water in spring, and flowers blooming in sped up motion. It has a sort of emotional depth that works in so many different scenarios. This is one of the many hidden gems of the Pb website. You don't want to sleep on this!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 13 November 2021
  • Beautiful evolving piano texture

    This instrument changed the way I see sample instruments. Sometimes all you need to create a unique and inspiring soundscape is ONE sample. I love to play a couple of notes, hit the sustain pedal, and let the magic happen.

    Fred PoirierSamplist 16 October 2021
  • Beautiful Octave Delays

    This Piano is very soft and chill. There are beautiful octave and higher note delays that bounce off of the original note to give some really nice atmospheric effects. The samples are really noisy, while this could be an issue sometimes i actually feel that it adds to the character. i wouldn't stack up thick dense chords with this but i would use it to create beautiful piano atmospheres. The GUI is limited but i really don't mind. I really like this instrument, its very unique and fun to play

    septemberwalk29 October 2021
  • Heavenly Piano Shimmers

    Very simple but extremely beautiful and original instrument. I'm itching to find a film score I could use it on

    Jim Sanger30 November 2021
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