The story

Recently I had chance to visit a hill station called Rolep in India where I had a chance record the Rolep River, which flows pretty harshly. I recorded and put equalizer to cut off the high frequency noises. It came out as a really good drone kinda sound and then I combiend a synthesizer with a basic Sine Wave and created this kontakt library.




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  • Beautiful Watery textures giving me the feel as i were under the water in another magical World

    I love it, the character is very unique and the drones sounding fantastic. I thnik it´s perfect for underwater scenes and all sorts of music that deals with a enviroment under water, kinda gives me the vibe of Atlantis.
    The GUI isn´t very versetail but I don´t have a problem with it.

    Evolo27 June 2023
  • Works for me

    sample consists of one time-shifted sample stretched across all keys. Midi is set to A1 so check settings or set to omni midi. Tested in kontakt 7 latest. Overall sounds good but lacks variety

    Eoin O'DowdSamplist 27 June 2023