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Soma Lyra-8 - Long Notes......

The story

Sampled Soma Lyra-8 in stereo
Has 2 versions with fast and slow attack. This is my instrument FOR NATIVE INSTRUMENTS KONTAKT AND KONTAKT PLAYER 6.5.1 and up.

Welcome to the world of LYRA-8, a unique organic analog synthesizer created by Vlad Kreimer. “Organismic” means that LIRA uses some of the principles underlying living organisms. LIRA-8 is based on eight generators, which we call “voices”. Their design is not like traditional VCO synthesis. LYRA modules interact with each other in such a way that the overall behavior of the instrument is similar to communication with a living being.
Their design is not like traditional VCO synthesis. Instead of linear or logarithmic dependence on control voltage, LYRA’s voices work like tone generators in old organs. Therefore, we use the term “voice” instead of VCO. Non-linearity is very common in LIRA, which is deliberately emphasized by means of special circuit solutions.


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  • A very synthetic sound

    This instrument comes in two articulations, with the default being a mid-range one with a longer attack, and the other being a deep bassy one with a shorter, more prominent attack. They are both spread equally at a little more than 2 octaves long, and they come with a handy keyswitch for the articulations so you can switch on the fly. You will also find a handy cutoff filter and a reverb if you want to add some extra depth to an already deep sounding synth.

    Alex Raptakis20 March 2022