Featuring Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Euphonium, Trombone and Tuba.

The story

Breathing life, emotion and a little bit of chaos into your brass.

A brass sample library for Kontakt including Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba and Flugelhorn, which follows in the same successful footsteps as Solo Strings Untamed.

This demo is exclusive to the Pianobook community and includes 7 articulations from 5 instruments included in the full library and just the room mic.

Tuba – Soft Air
Trombone – Improvisations A
Trombone – Unmeasured Tonguing
Euphonium – Vibrato Slow
Euphonium – Short
Flugelhorn – Improvisations C
Trumpet – Short

Our idea behind the Untamed series is, “What if you sampled musicians playing notes like they’re playing music?” Not a perfect take and not a static robotic sample. Not allowing you to take control of every aspect of the performance, but instead “Here’s my music, now let the samples do the work and give me some surprises”. That feeling when you’re in the control room at a recording session and the musician plays something you’ve written, and you shout “YES! Do that thing again!”

After the feedback from Solo Strings Untamed, we entered the studio with 5 brass instruments and the same philosophy; let’s record musicians performing music, not playing samples.


Reviews for SOLO BRASS UNTAMED – Demo

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  • 5 OUT OF 5

    I can't believe this one it's..for free? This library it's something that reminds of some of the greatest sample libraries by spitfire audio..thank you so much

    ARKAN15 July 2022
  • Awesome

    Westwood is good. I really like that they're demoing some of their samples on pianobook. They should keep doing that because stingy people like me who have vowed to stop buying sample libraries can use some of their undeniably great sounds, become reliant on them and eventually succumb to the need to purchase them 6 months from now.

    ryan weeks17 July 2022
  • Nice Brass Instrument with lots of character

    I already liked the first Westwood Piano very much, now this..It is very nice and playable. I adjusted some of the zone mappings in Kontakt to get even more out of it..
    Thank you

    planist07 July 2022
  • A small taster of the complete library or a nice euphonium pack

    This pianobook demo includes a limited number of articulations / mics / instruments from the full library, which looks quite expansive. In particular, there's both sustained and short notes from a euphonium, allowing it to fill the function of a simple euphonium library. The other instruments are limited to mostly 1 articulation and not super playable compared to other free counterparts like the Alpine Orchestra Brass.

    Overall the demo didn't have enough (particularly variety of the full articulations) to hook me to buy the full pack, but it is a solid library for the euphonium patches alone, and everything appears to have been designed and constructed well enough that I'd be pretty confident in a good quality product for the paid version. Thanks Westwood!

    Eamon22 July 2022