The story

Breathing life, emotion and a little bit of chaos into your brass.

A brass sample library for Kontakt including Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba and Flugelhorn, which follows in the same successful footsteps as Solo Strings Untamed.

This demo is exclusive to the Pianobook community and includes 7 articulations from 5 instruments included in the full library and just the room mic.

Tuba – Soft Air
Trombone – Improvisations A
Trombone – Unmeasured Tonguing
Euphonium – Vibrato Slow
Euphonium – Short
Flugelhorn – Improvisations C
Trumpet – Short

Our idea behind the Untamed series is, “What if you sampled musicians playing notes like they’re playing music?” Not a perfect take and not a static robotic sample. Not allowing you to take control of every aspect of the performance, but instead “Here’s my music, now let the samples do the work and give me some surprises”. That feeling when you’re in the control room at a recording session and the musician plays something you’ve written, and you shout “YES! Do that thing again!”

After the feedback from Solo Strings Untamed, we entered the studio with 5 brass instruments and the same philosophy; let’s record musicians performing music, not playing samples.


Reviews for SOLO BRASS UNTAMED – Demo

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  • A lovely extra string (!) to my bow

    Small but perfectly formed, the articulations here stand out even among the various large orchestra VSTs I have collected. There's a haunting simplicity to the solo brass and this a generous freebie of an introduction.
    The sound of the tonguing is especially evocative, to me it almost sounds like a well-loved, knackered old church organ.
    Lovely instrument, thank you.

    Giles M28 October 2022
  • beautiful demo library

    wow I happy tried this library, if before I was not sure about to buy the full library now it on my list,
    I hope they make these for other products as well.

    Nick Stark25 December 2023
  • Limited, but incredible!

    If you are not familiar with Westwood, they are a company that makes high-tier virtual instruments. This is basically a free demo of a new library they released, that features a selected number of limited features from the full paid one.

    While it is limited indeed, the included selection is simply incredible. You get to have access to 7 different articulations, 5 of those being very unique and textural performances of wind instruments. The other two are short staccato-like performances which are awesome, but the others just steal the show.

    Even as a demo, it is an incredible and very usuable library. Highly recommended you check it out, and if you enjoy it you can also check out the full instrument as well!

    Alex Raptakis01 September 2022
  • Incredible Brass Textures

    Even though this is just the demo version of a full commercial library with a lot more articulations, you get some really beautiful and unique sounds here and all of them are fully usable. You are basically just limited to one mic position, but that doesn't really matter because it sounds fantastic as it is. There are 7 articulations in total and all of them offer really unique brass textures and performances. Really useful to add some realism to your compositions and all of the sounds here are simply stunning.

    AndromedaX823 September 2022
  • Just Amazing demo

    Thank you Westwood...this is brilliant addition to my ever growing orchestral template!! I just know that this is going to be really inspirational......

    Phantomfingers13 October 2022
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