The story

Between jobs and waiting to move house for the first time; most of my friends away for the summer, and I, home alone for several days, decided to create a choir – a solitary choir.

I recorded four takes of each note from G2 to C5, singing for as long as I could before running out of breath, and occasionally re-tonguing the notes to create a subtle swarm-like effect. I spliced each of the four takes into a near-continuous, very long note, and then copied and pasted these three times but starting from different takes.


Reviews for Solitary Choir

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  • Great Sound

    Wow so realistic in a great format, interface is great for the use, great for many music applications!

    theharp13 October 2022
  • GREATEST Choir Sound

    I LOVE playing melodies and chords with this! Great sound with a sinewave sub sound. Beware me playing a lot of Vangelis Chariots of Fire. I first heard about Decent Sampler on YouTube. Shoutout to Venus Theory for the sounds.

    Erik01 December 2022
  • Full Of Character

    Great work on this one, it has a very nice sound and I can see it working well in a mix blended with other instruments. I'll give it a go.

  • A unique and ambitions choir!

    Choir instruments are the best, I just love them. The character of this one is very special, with many characteristics that make it one of a kind. After all, each voice is different, and each performance with it is even more different. You will get to hear many different performances based on the key you press that feature different "characters" as well.

    I feel that all it needs is an Attack knob so you can crank it up with some reverb and create some ambience based on this wonderful choir.

    Alex Raptakis27 August 2022
  • Classy Choir

    This is a neat idea and the outcome is very usable. There is a really nice variation of timbre and feel to the notes.

    NemoralisMusicSamplist 10 November 2022
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