The story

I was really curious to know what could happen if I was to grab my Ibanez RG guitar, program a clean sound on my pedal board and record… so I did it. I wish I had a room mic to get all the reverb of my room, but since I just couldn’t do it that way, I captured an impulse/response and used a convolution plugin to recreate a fake room mic.
I give you the result (in SFZ), hoping it can be useful or inspiring to some of you!

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  • Usable and playable guitar

    This sample pack presents a well recorded and well played electric guitar. There appear to be two sample layers, one of which is about the type of tone you'd expect. Unfortunately, the second layer which kicks in at higher velocities is distinctly nasal sounding and less useful IMHO. There is reverb permanently applied to the samples rather than available at the plug in level, and the reverb sounds like it is in mono. mono reverb is cool, but it also seriously limits the applications of these sounds for me. I'd love to hear this library without the mono reverb. It would also greatly increase the number of people who could use it if it was ported to Decent Sampler or Kontakt.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 21 October 2021
  • A decent and kind of wet e-guitar

    This is a lovely guitar instrument patch that it's worth your attention. The sampling job is great. I can hear no noise, but the two velocity layers are obvious, since they greatly differ in terms timbre but most importantly, the volume is inconsistent. Even though you will find Dry and Room volume settings, the guitar sounds very wet at even 0% room volume. This can be fixed -up to a point0- if you lower the attack at around 15%. My main issue though is that the key mapping is so damn low! It should be 2, if not 3 octaves higher!

    Alex Raptakis23 October 2021
  • Pretty good jazz guitar...

    Everything's well put together and sampled. My only complaint is that there isn't much customizability over the sound, but that's inherent in the SFZ format. Perhaps a foray into the world of Decent Sampler may help bring your instruments to the next level. Great work!

    Christopher28 October 2021
  • Better than others ive heard on the site

    As a guitarist i almost always find the articulation of guitar libraries to be very keyboard like and unconvincing. While i still do feel that way about this instrument, i feel it does a much better job that some other guitars ive heard on the site of providing a convincing attack to the note. I know this would be alot of work but i think key switches with different kinds of fingerpicking would make it more realistic. Some with a more straight foward pluck and some with that kind of sideways scrape or the finger or pick that creates that rubbing noise. When listening to the demo the first few notes sounded really convincing to me but after that it started to sound sample like. I say all this as a guitar player but this library could be great for someone who doesn't play guitar.

    septemberwalk12 November 2021