Moog sub sequent 25 Retro synth piano sound with 13 patch with some pad and a percussion bonus patch

The story

This library contains some Creepy Synth piano sound and some lush pad. The inspiration came from “Radioheadish” piano Synth sound and nostalgica retro mood for pushing my mono Moog Subsequent to a polyphonic retro piano buddy. There’s no looped sound, all the sample are sampled pure and RAW with some random special note in every patch as patched on my moog SUB 25 recorded true sound sculptor mp73 with subtle overdrive true a summit dcl 200 and apollo converter. I hope you enjoy the library to it’s fullest purity and feel free to add your fav ADSR reverb, modulation ,etc. IMO the low end It’s the magic in all this patch,! Have fun Leo P.s Sorry there’s no Custom GUI


Reviews for RUSTY M00G

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  • Nice character!

    I really like the character of these sounds. Really dirty but cool.
    Many of them seem to have a pitch modulation in the same spot which can make them sound similar

    The nki files seemed to be saved with absolute paths so they all come up missing the samples.

    Would be nice in something like Photosynthesis to have more control over the sounds.

    invisiblelandscape02 June 2022