Rusty Banjo

A banjo + a banjo with an eBow...

The story

Banjobook anyone? Ok, maybe not. Nonetheless I thought I’d throw this little library out there. I sampled an older banjo with a resonator up close. I used a 57 through an Avalon pre and captured it pretty purely.

Funny thing is that Christian made a comment on Youtube about some unknown composer out there who is using an E-bow on a banjo. Well, I’m that guy apparently, as I had already done that with all my folk instruments lying around. I included the Banjo E bow in this entry. Try the multi I included “Banjo With E-bow Pad”. I like using pads made from the instrument I’m featuring as it brings out the natural resonant tones in a way that’s subtle and organic. Hope you find it useful!


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  • Lovely little banjo!

    A cute banjo that works really well even if you play on fast speed, as a banjo is usually played! It's not really that dynamic but it surely gets the job done. This wouldn't be a Josha instrument if there was no Ebow pad, so yes, there is one and it is indeed as good as everything else Joshua does! The combo patch though doesn't work for me because the two sound signatures don't really match the pace that the banjo needs to create.

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021
  • Nostalgic sound, and beautiful harmonics

    My first Banjo instrument. It has a very nice nostalgic sound and I instantly loved it. Sound quality is excellent as well. It's worth noting that the high range contains such a beautiful harmonics that you can't miss.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021