A creative collection of sounds generated from corn popping....

The story

I was inspired by Henson to make a sample collection from popcorn. So here it is in its delicious glory.

This is a rather simple library with various fun elements made from popcorn. There are drumkits, loops and pads with an mind-blowingly amazing reverb-knob.

These samples were recorded from a pretty cheap and unfortunately quiet popcorn in a pot. I used one stereopair and one mono mic to record the samples.


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  • Popped my interest!

    Inside this bag of pop-corns you will find two categories of patches, "corn-pad", which is a pad-like instrument if that's not obvious, and "rock-corn", which is a drum kit! The Corn-pad is nicey, but I find the samples stopping in a way that I don't personally enjoy. It is also kind of obvious that each of the 4 pad patches is basically 1 sample per patch, just tuned up and down. Perhaps it would be a little more practical if all the patches were combined into one. The drum kit is nice though! There are also loops which are good enough to give you some inspiration in terms of how you may use the single patches. With that said, in one the single patches, I find the distance between the keys too high for me, I would need 4 hands to brainstorm a rhythm! I'm also sure that most of the patches could have been combined to give more inspiration and choices for the player. You should tyr and pop it too!

    Alex Raptakis27 October 2021
  • Inspiring sound!

    Inspiring pad sound layered with some granular texture vibes. Has that 80's synth vibe going on. Enjoy!

    dafingaz13 October 2021