Resonator Pedal Pads

Pads created with a slide on both a Dobro and Pedal Steel Guitar....

The story

I recorded long droning notes with a slide on both a Dobro and Pedal Steel Guitar. I used an AKG 414 to close mic and also an old Fender Princeton amp, with a Keeley modded Tube Screamer. I do a lot of rootsy cinematic music and wanted some more rawness in some pads with hints of Americana sprinkled in. I created one Multi with everything for the grand effect, though the individual instruments are useful on their own.

I was going for a Lanois-esque kind of pad that would add some intrigue while keeping it very organic. Hope you find it useful!!


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  • Calming nice drones

    I didn't know about nkm where multiple instances are loaded at once. This gives you a rich overall sound and all you have to do is select the patches you need. I think there is no GUI? Or I'm sorry if it's on my side because some libraries got an error when unzipping

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • Better Than The Multiverse!

    Similar to the Multiverse Mandolin Pad, this follows the exact same idea - an unrecognizable pad instrument that can fully dress your ambient tracks. Again though, the lack of GUI makes it very weird to handle. I'd love this to be in a single patch full of ADSR and Reverb options. It would make it simply perfect.

    Alex Raptakis14 October 2021
  • From string like to organ like

    Diverse set of pads ranging from vexed string vibration sounds to really organ like. No GUI sparkle but choice between the pad options creates ample sound design capability.

    Boag112 October 2021