Resonating Kalimba

Various instruments, drums and noises resonating through a Kalimba...

The story

I got this Kalimba for christmas and it kinda bothered me that I had to retune it everytime I wanted to leave the diatonic scale. So I decided to sample the instrument, first in C Major, then specific keys half-step up so that I could play it chromatically on my keyboard.
Next I figured it would be really cool to have the Kalimba resonate with a bunch of weird sounds, so I started experimenting with different instruments, drums and noises to find some interesting effects. Once I figured out how to realistically depict the release samples of a Kalimba, I packaged the whole thing in a Kontakt GUI and made it ready for use. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂


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  • A good kalimba with a lot of options

    I liked the ability to change the resonance with different models. The release should be longer, but I found myself compensating for that be holding down the sustain pedal. There's a bit of unevenness as you move from one velocity layer to another, but overall, it's a really useable sample pack.

    Sam Ecoff17 October 2021
  • Some work needs to be done.

    I feel it is really a shame for this one, because the actual sound of the instrument is very nice, but to me there are two many problems: First and most important, the as you release the sample cuts off immediately, so the result is very uncanny. The solution is to use the sustain pedal pretty much all the time... The other problem is in the GUI. You will find two HORIZONTAL sliders in the bottom right, for setting the volume of an extra release click, and a thumb noise. The problem with these two is that 1st, the interface makes it seem it works backwards - the yellow should fill the empty blacks - and 2nd, the actual control VERTICAL instead. There are some other settings though that work great, such as an EQ, a compressor, and a wonderful Resonance setting with tons of options that work great. If the release trigger and the UI issues are fixed, this would be an easy 5/5.

    Alex Raptakis15 October 2021