Raw Wurli

Unplugged Wurlitzer. Close-mic recording that captures the sound a Wurlitzer makes without electricity....

The story

I bought this Wurlitzer 207 Instructor Console in 2017 and one of the first things that struck me was what a beautiful sound it made while unplugged. After using it like this on a few recordings I decided to share this lesser-known side of the Wurlitzer by sampling it. Each note was sampled across three/four velocity layers plus a release trigger using a Zoom H2N field recorder. I kept the UI simple with only the volume of the release triggers as a parameter. PS: this is my first sampled instrument. I hope you enjoy!


Reviews for Raw Wurli

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  • Maybe too Characterful?

    I absolutely love the transient thump that these electric keyboards make. I think it adds so much realism and character. I usually find that i want more of this in keyboard libraries, this was the first time i actually thought it was too much. I guess thats the nature of recording an unplugged keyboard. I feel that the actual notes take a backseat to the key pressing noises. Its really awesome that we get control over the key releases, it just would have been really nice to have control over the key presses too but maybe this isn't possible with this type of recording. Even though the loudness of the key presses i feel limits this keyboard versatility, its still an incredibly characterful sound and i think it could work really well in certain contexts.

    septemberwalk25 December 2021
  • A distinct mechanical character

    This is a very simple instrument patch that gives you access to this very melodic but also mechanical sound signature. The heavy attack with the bell-like body shape a beautiful character that can definitely give a fresh and unique sound to someone's music.

    It's a simple patch that offers a release trigger knob, so you can blend it however you want. The sampling is good, though you might notice some extra mechanical clicks in some samples, and if you play some big chords, you might hear some white noise building and fading away.

    Nevertheless, it's a good instrument, with a defined and very unique character. Awesome to have it completely for free on DS!

    Alex Raptakis26 December 2021