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Welcome to Pots & Pads, a kitchenware sample library dedicated to my claim that you don’t need to be a musician or have expensive instruments in order to create your own sounds.

Available in this library are a range of hits and pads produced from the following kitchen ‘instruments’:
Bowed Pan (kindly donated by Marco Ianello)
Ceramic Pan Lid
China Bowl
Glass Teapot
Potato Masher

Each sound was recorded with a combination of Shure SM57, AKG C451B and stereo pair of AKG C214 microphones. The sounds were then processed with compression and EQ followed by a creative dousing in tape saturation and occasionally some delay. These instruments are available to download as Kontakt and EXS24 samplers and will be sure to add a rhythmic warmth to your tracks.

I hope you find this library to be useful!

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  • Kitchen percussion

    Thee's a wide variety of kitchen percussion included here. Standouts for me included the China Bowl Pulsing Pad --be sure you turn up the mod wheel--, and Glass Teapot Infinite Delay --again, the mod wheel. The most fun of all, though, is "Glass teapot panned tremolo hits". Every other note pans hard right or hard left. Very fun indeed! This is a great collection of kitchen percussion sounds, and you're bound to find many things you love in this collection. I know I certainly did.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 04 November 2021
  • Wasn't familiar with this one

    Im a huge fan of Dans work and thought i was up to date on all his instruments. Maybe i wasn't part of pianobook yet when this was released and i missed it. While its not the most interesting or my favorite instrument of dans its still great. Ive always loved pads made from glass and ceramic bowls and things like that. Thet provide this beautifully shimmery high end along with the more tonal part of the sound. The tonal bowl hits here are also really mellow and beautiful while still being resonant. This is a useful library and another great one from Dan

    septemberwalk13 November 2021
  • Delightful samples

    Having used items from my kitchen, or my mum's in Rome, Italy, to create a few sample libraries, I totally loved this, and the meticulous recording and production processes Dan always employs really puts this collection of sounds at the top

    Marco IannelloSamplist 13 October 2021
  • Sounds from the kitchen

    All of the sounds in this library were made with bowls, glasses, pans and other kitchen utilities. There is a good number of patches and a wide variety of sounds. All of them are very useful and work well to substitute more conventional percussion. Personally I think you can never have enough of these kind of sounds. Dan also did a great job sampling these and everything is very clean. I recommend to check this one out.

    AndromedaX825 September 2022
  • A nice toolkit of various metallic and ceramic homemade sounds

    This is the concept of recording percussive one-shots of stuff from your kitchen and stretching them across the keyboard. There are also pad sounds, which I'm less enthusiastic about, but it's nice they are here.

    The cool part about this library is the variety. It's not the most inventive or original concept and doesn't need to be. It fits in a workflow because if a sound isn't working in a mix, I can just grab the next dish in Dan's cupboard and choose the one that works the best. Thanks Dan! :)

    sethbutlermusic25 June 2023
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