The story

Puppy: by Braian Rodriguez I am a new user of Pianobook, when I discovered this beautiful world of the sample, I fell in love and decided to do something, I took a dog-shaped keyboard from my niece and recorded it, the takes were made with a BM 800 and were modified with a GTR Stomp 4, where I insert a Lay D, Buzz, Spring Reverb and a Metal, I hope someone uses it and if they do I would like to hear their work. thanks a lot


Reviews for Perrito

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  • Don't be fooled by the cuteness of the dog

    This is definitely not a toy sound. It's actually quite horrifying, in a good way! To my surprise, I was really expecting a cute toy thing, but instead I got this very reverberant drone-like pad. It is a very barebones patch though, but it can surely spark some ideas in your head.

    Alex Raptakis30 January 2022
  • Haunting woof

    I was a little surprised when I first heard the sound but I could see how this could be used inside of an ambient almost horror-like track. It is basically, to the untrained ear, a bark with a lot, a lot lot lot, of reverb. This reverb can be in the way and there isn't an easy knob to, for example, change the reverb and/or remove the tail, because now if you play the instrument for a bit it just ends up being a pain in the ass to get the notes playing that you want without the others. Still a really interesting sound, good job experimenting!

    Snake24 May 2022