The story

Pepper Sounds is like a continuation of the famous Notebook library by Edu Prado, using sounds from objects to make music.

This fun creative library was born from the idea of playing Red Hot Chilli Peppers using only peppers.

After chopping, cutting and twisting a lot of peppers Edu managed to get Flute-like sounds, Pitched and normal percussion sounds full of spice and an organic character.

Pro tip: The Pitched percussion patch is great to create organic 808s!

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It comes with 4 patches and 5 built-in effects, enabling a wide range of sonic possibilities.

Full KONTAKT 5.8 Sampler or higher required. Not for the free Kontakt Player.

Enjoy and Stay Sound,

For more about the story of this library watch this video:


Reviews for Pepper Sounds

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  • Um, Peppers?

    Wouldn't you be skeptical of an instrument made of peppers? I was. Edu Prado proved me wrong. What is this??? Cling wrap pepper drums? Sounds clean and incredibly awesome! My favorite is the flute, Edu literally made flutes out of peppers! It is a pure sound, a bit airy and gives an organ vibe that I like.
    For me the only drawback is the untuned percussion, sounds a bit too raw for my taste. But I added some drive and reverb and it was pretty decent. For a pepper instrument... amazing!
    The video is what makes it though, make sure you check it out! Stellar job Edu, looking forward to what else you make!