A Kontakt instrument combining a Pan Drum and a Baritone Banjo.

The story

This instrument is based on the same idea of a previous one I made for Pianobook a while back called Serendipity. It combines many instruments with various treatments and (using a script designed by Dave Hilowitz) randomized ever note so that you would never get the same result twice.

This instrument, (which will be included in a larger Serendipity library being released later this year), is a combination of a Pan Drum and a Baritone Banjo. It basically randomizes between the two. An unlikely pair, but fun to play with, especially in the Indie Folk genre (ala Sufjan Stevens).


Reviews for Panjo

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  • Really Cool

    I really love the idea of this. Which is really simple, just kind of randomizing two layers and letting weird things happen. I think what makes this one especially cool is the choice of sounds, a tuned percussive metal drum and a banjo. I suspect this might be the only place to find this combo, and it works so weirdly well.

    ryan weeks13 July 2022