The story

This instrument is based on the same idea of a previous one I made for Pianobook a while back called Serendipity. It combines many instruments with various treatments and (using a script designed by Dave Hilowitz) randomized ever note so that you would never get the same result twice.

This instrument, (which will be included in a larger Serendipity library being released later this year), is a combination of a Pan Drum and a Baritone Banjo. It basically randomizes between the two. An unlikely pair, but fun to play with, especially in the Indie Folk genre (ala Sufjan Stevens).


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  • My shortest review ever

    It's an instrument with a beautiful sound. I love it.

    DJpreacher04 September 2022
  • Fantastic Idea

    I really like this concept of using two instruments and making each of them sound by random. Here you get a Banjo and a Pan Drum, which is a really lovely combination as it turns out. When playing you never now if you will get the Banjo or Pan Drum sound. Especially when playing stuff like Arpeggios the two sound sources create a really magical atmosphere. I also like the tip from Oliver to tune one instrument down and double them up for a fuller sound. Adding some reverb and delay sounds also great. Definitely check this one out!

    AndromedaX826 September 2022
  • In my top 10!

    Joshua's instruments are incredibly intimate and unique, and this is no exception. The original Serendipity instantly became one of my favourite instruments, so this is a very welcome addition.

    With a slightly more limited palette, this randomized collection of sounds is something that seems very intriguing to my ears. Each softly textured pluck compliments the others in a very pleasing manner, in a way that I just can't stop playing.

    While you will find no extra settings other than a beautiful image of a translucent bird, the instrument didn't really need anything in order to win me over. An instant recommendation!

    Alex Raptakis28 September 2022
  • Really Cool

    I really love the idea of this. Which is really simple, just kind of randomizing two layers and letting weird things happen. I think what makes this one especially cool is the choice of sounds, a tuned percussive metal drum and a banjo. I suspect this might be the only place to find this combo, and it works so weirdly well.

    ryan weeksSamplist 13 July 2022
  • Well done!

    Such a very pleasant sound with lots of character.

    Andrew FoustSamplist 18 November 2022
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