Palm Muted Upright

Christian's Schimmel: palm muted.

The story

Christian’s Schimmel sampled with a palm-muting technique.

Available in both original and beta forms to give you a chance to hone your Kontakt editing skills!

Check out how the instrument was edited in the video linked below.

Reviews for Palm Muted Upright

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  • Unique sound, fun to play with!

    Very interesting! Without reverb, it sounds like a short synth sound, but with reverb on, it will transform into a unique instrument - something like rain drop at high keys and tunnel echo at low keys.

    Asuka Amane21 October 2021
  • You asked for a loquacious review...

    Like the buff stop on a harpsichord, this palm muted piano condenses the piano's tone into a succinct and delicious bite-sized nibbles which tickle and enliven our aural palate into a delightful awakening. Akin to Mr. Henson's other creations, the dulcet tones of this musical cookery are initially reticent to bloom fully after the depression of yonder keys due to Mr. Henson's insistence on the inclusion of the earliest part of each waveform, although my heart desires a more immediate satisfaction of my listening expectations. Still, these minor annoyances will not prevent me from reveling in depths of beauteous tone and handsome and alluring delights issuing from my speakers whilst I am playing.

    Sam Ecoff07 November 2021
  • Great Effect Sound

    I love using this piano for counterpoint against another upright piano. It definitely inspires me to think about the piano in a whole new light.

    krp092016 June 2022
  • A Pizzicato Piano???

    This is really a pizzicato style piano! The recording is awesome, and it plays really well, with good dynamics too! My only problem lies in the panning, as I can hear that the note fundamentals are not really well spread like a normal piano would be.

    Alex Raptakis21 October 2021
  • Marvelous Mutes

    Pizzicato Piano. I am another voice in the swarm, this seems to be about as close as you can get to a sound like that, and I live for it. This has to be one of my favorite libraries you've shared, Christian, it is so unique and playable and fun. I've hidden this among swarms of other pianos in song and there are moments where this is just about the perfect sound to poke it's head out and delight the listener's ear. If you were to have any of your more experimental piano sets to make it as a full spitfire release this would be one of the first I'd want to see. Thanks a bunch!

    Conner04 November 2021
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