The story

I actually put this Kontakt library together about 7-8 years ago, with the intent of selling it. Never got that far with it but did give it away a couple of years ago on the Native Instruments forum. This is made of things I either sampled (wine glass, bamboo rods, piano, guitar, ect…), or re-imagined synth patches.


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  • Mindblowing

    This is by far the best pack on Pianobook. It is mindblowingly good. Having just spent an hour noodling with it - I can honestly say this is one of my most favourite collections from both paid and free. An amazing job. Thank you so much for sharing. I have been in an inspiration desert for weeks ... not any more!

    natureseye08 March 2023
  • Well Done !

    all the sound is awesome ! sound is space full and feel like heal.

    Joel29 May 2023
  • This is excellent

    I agree with all the other posts. There is a wealth of possibilities and inspiration here.

    johnnyharpoon07 August 2023
  • Great collection with great sound!

    Thank you for making this library available for free. There is a lot to discover here and the selection of playable sounds with high quality is very impressive!

    Highly recommended!

    Sam13 January 2023
  • A treasure trove of great sounds.

    This is a huge selection of great sounds many of which just make you want to get making music immediately. Lots of inspiration from a very varied collection of sounds. For a free library it is awesome. Thank you very much. Can't write more, need to get on with it!

    ChrisR14 January 2023
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