Orff Chimes

A set of Orff Chime Bars....

The story

Since I was a little kid, I always loved Orff instruments. In music class, it seemed we never got to play with them very much. As an adult, I decided a few Orff instruments would be useful to have around the studio, but upon investigating, I had a severe case of sticker shock! These instruments aren’t cheap! Nor do they come up very often on the used market. However, FaceBook marketplace has yielded a few excellent finds over the past few years, but none quite as good as these Orff Chime Bars. They were completely new, individually wrapped in paper and in sealed boxes. They’d been in someone’s storage locker, but the locker was taken over by a property management company who was liquidating everything they found inside.


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  • Lovely mallet sounds

    This small patch contains three mallet sounds that can be switched through the three keyswitches. If I had to put a label on them, I'd say that the first one sounds like a muted celeste, the second like a very muted marimba, and the third kinda sounds like a glockenspiel. They are sampled very well with no audible noise, though you might hear some clicks if you decide to hold the notes for too long. There are some dynamics for sure, and I also have to mention that samples are shifted up an octave. There is no GUI to help you gain control over anything, so you are pretty much left with only those default sounds.

    Alex Raptakis23 October 2021
  • You can create some wonderful glissandos here..

    You can create some wonderful glissandos here, particularly with the hard mallet patch triggered by the Low E key. run it through a ping ping delay and it will add real character to your music. I love the inclusion of the staccato patch too. Nice work Sam!

    R.Treves20 October 2021
  • Is it bad form to review your own samples? :-D

    I'm not really sure if this is allowed, but thought I'd weigh in here. ;-

    Sam Ecoff18 October 2021
  • Warm & Soft

    I found the main mallet version to be great for slower parts, very soft sounding and fairly clean. The lower notes can get a little muddy if you're playing fast since the default release is kind of long, but if you play it right it's not a problem. The samples are mono so it leaves a lot of room for playing around with effects, the included reverb is fine but I recommend trying it through some different convolution reverbs cause that's when it really shines. I'll definitely be using this one a lot!

    Nule13 October 2021
  • Charming Chimes

    I used the muted version doubled with a piano and it has a sort of mellow sparkling effect. Three nice different sounds but maybe the ability to combine them in one GUI might be nice?

    NemoralisMusic13 October 2021