The story

I have always loved to play open guitar tunings. One of my all time favourite has been the DADGAD tuning. I would encourage you to tune your guitar this way and explore… It’s sublime. First, I recorded myself playing this open D tuned guitar early in the morning. This was done with a field recording device H4N Pro . I brought these recordings into Logic Pro X, cleaned the samples and removed noise and hum using Izotope’s RX8 elements. Then I had designed a bit of my new custom instrument in Kontakt 6 using the Creator tools. Once the UI was decent I brought in my samples and created three instruments. 1. Bass – This has the low end. It can be used as traditional bass or a more evolving bass with longer notes and subtle fade ins… 2. Lush – This is where the samples I recorded really came to life. I had done a few full open chords and 12th fret harmonics. I mapped them to different sections of the Kontakt keyboard, added convolution reverb, some delay, manipulated the wave in the wave editor. 3. Melody – Here I mapped my single Mid and Hi note D on to the keyboard. Added some saturation and compression to even out and give it some character. All the instruments have knobs to adjust the cutoff and resonance. P.S. This is my first instrument and I really hope you will enjoy using it. Please share your creations with me and let me know your thoughts. I loved the process of creating this instrument, I want to keep improving and make good instruments to share with this wonderful community.

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  • A decent guitar sample

    Enjoy the sound and overall feel of the guitar. The bass is maybe too close to a simply pitched-down guitar and feels unoriginal though.

    Sebastian21 January 2022
  • Weird but cool!

    This is a guitar instrument that sometimes you might forget it's a really a guitar. Sometimes it sounds like a harpsichord, someother times like a harp. I found the sounds coming of it interesting, but there are two main issues for me.

    The first and less important is that pretty much everything is almost hard-panned to the left. If you want them at the center, you can set the panning around: 21R for the Melody, 44R for the Bass and 48R for the Lush patch.

    The other is that the Melody patch has some resonances a fifth down on every single note. For example, a G also "features" a hidden C. I get that this might be part of the "chord" idea (as it kind of resembles a power-chord), but as a more "solo" instrument, it restricts you for being versatile with melodies.

    Nevertheless, it's unique in its own ways. You can always try it yourself!

    Alex Raptakis17 January 2022
  • Nice guitar, I love the bass

    It's a really decent guitar library. It does not have anything too mindblowing, but it is overall pretty nice. I love the inclusion of the bass guitar, which definitely sounds nice. Then there's also a lush guitar sound, which sounds like some sort of pad, so pretty useful.

    BenBerkenbosch25 September 2022