The story

3 instruments in one pack.

Underneath my studio is an electrical transformer.
This transformer receives an electrical supply from the council, which it then converts
into a usable phase for us at our farm.

To my excitement, I discovered that this transformer had an audible hum. It was immediately sampled with 2 microphones into a ZoomH6, and then manipulated in Cubase.

Odin’s Box 1 is the original signal, with noise reduction.
It is essentially a Synth Piano.
This instrument can be used as a short or long melodic instrument, or manipulated to behave like a pad.

Odin’s Box 2 is a Synth Organ.
Combining modulations and reverbs, I manipulated the original transformer sample to mimic a classic
church organ. This instrument can be used as an organ, a synth pad, or even a drone.

Odin’s Box 3 is a Synth Pad
I manufactured 2 different pads from the original sample, which differ in tone to each other.
These layers of pads can be used to create smooth and dreamlike backing pads, or ominous drones.

Each instrument features an “Attack” knob, “Release” knob, a “Low Pass Filter” knob, and a “Reverb” knob.

Built for the FULL VERSION of Native Instrument’s Kontakt 5.8
This plus all other instruments I release are available through my website, linked via my profile.
Have fun!!


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  • Impressed

    This is a nice little pack. Looking forward to experimenting with these presets. Good work.

    irishmoss27 December 2021
  • Electrical Transformer Pad

    I renamed this Electrical Transformer Pad in my folder so i can remember what it is before opening. This is a really weird interesting pad. Its cool cause it ind of walks the line of being one of those horror dissonant pads but it isn't so dissonant that it can't be used in a more dreamy context as well. As many pads on Pianobook are its ever evolving with really nice tonal things popping up here and there that almost sound like vocals . The GUI is pretty controllable although to would have been nice to customize the knobs so they're not just the stock Kontakt ones but this doesn't take away from the instrument. Awesome sound

    septemberwalk28 October 2021
  • Very basic, plane sound of synth

    It has totally a plane synth sound, so I think you want to tweak this sound to fit into your project. Nice to have it as a base to create your own synth sound.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • The pad stands out the most

    Three patches to be found, Keys, Organ and Pad.

    The Keys patch sounds like a very basic epiano sounds that can be usually found in older home keyboards. The Organ comes next, which has a nice sound overall. For an organ it's on the smooth side, so it's surprisingly unique to its kind. Last but not least comes the Pad, which is in my opinion the most interesting one out of the three. It has some nice metallic texture on top which can be interesting in some situations.

    Both three instruments come with Attack, Release, LPF and Reverb knobs, which is always very nice to have at your fingertips.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Never thought I'd say it but a power transformer's my new fave organ sound

    Well, this is extraordinary. I already have a few professional-quality organ sounds in the box – some of them paid for and by no means inexpensive – but this will be my go-to organ sound from now on. As with any great sound, it’s that indefinable quality that made it stand out from the rest, so don’t expect me to explain why I like it so much – you’ll need to hear it for yourself, experience for yourself how well it cuts through the mix and how seductively slinky it sounds. If there’s a more organ-like power transformer anywhere on planet Earth I want to hear it. Nice GUI although, as I've said ad nauseum in other reviews, I'm no fan of operating circular controls in Kontakt. I haven’t tested the other two patches yet...

    wordsSHIFTminds06 November 2021
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