The story

This instrument was created by convolving sounds of the ocean waves with the plastic fife recorded for a previous sample pack.

The technique used to combine the sounds creates a more homogenous blending of the two sounds, in comparison to the typical method of creating instruments from natural sounds (adding resonant peaks)



Ocean Flute Sample Library Demo

Reviews for Ocean Flute

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  • More than you initially think!

    This is a simple, yet lovely instrument full of character, that may unfortunately be set aside because of it being available just in Sfozando. Too bad though, because not only it is for free, but it is a nice instrument that deserves some attention. It has a very intimate sound to it, enough to create a nice deep ambience. It also comes with 4 round robins, with each sample lasting for long enough. The sound "oscillates" over time, kind of resembling the sound of the waves in an ocean, hence the name I believe.

    In contrast to many other Sforzando instruments I have encountered, this one includes full ADSR settings, along with a filter that also has its own ADSR, which I never have seen before. Once you figure it out, you will see that the sound can seem to be slightly more evolving, depending on the settings you use.

    Alex Raptakis22 September 2022
  • Great ambience!

    This sounds a bit like The Moody Clarinet (if you like this you should check that one out as well) and is really ambient and windy, this one is more natural as the other if you get what I mean. The oscilating part is nice at first, but for longer uses it gets a little in the way if you know what I mean, like having it constantly oscilate almost makes it hypnotising to listen to, and for ambience that might be a little too much, so maybe have a setting for it to be turned off. I don't know how to rate the GUI here, since it's SFZ and there isn't one so I'll put 2 stars.

    Snake22 September 2022