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I was in the market for an Oscilloscope recently and I stumbled across some sponsored videos from a few different youtubers about the NTS-2. As some one who is a fan of Legos, the idea of building one myself really appealed to me. While the construction aspect is rather simple, given you don’t need to solder anything, It was still fun to put it together. On top of this it came with a really nice hardcover book on Korg Instruments from Bjooks. I’ve been meaning to grab one of their books for a while so it seemed like an all around win for me. The price wasn’t too bad considering all that comes with it and I honestly do recommend it for those who like to read and build things. I use it a decent amount with my more modular synth gear and it is a fun thing to play around with. However I wanted to push it’s limits. I decided to hook it up to a microcosm and have it as the main synth. The resulting sounds where then turned into this very sample library. Given it’s a cheap Oscilloscope and not a synth itself, the resulting sounds are very lofi, but I think they may still have a place in many different types of songs.

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