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This piano is “non-fungible” to me in that it is the piano from my parents home that I grew up playing. On a trip to visit them last year I had the chance to record it to make a sample from it. It seems it happened just in time too, as the piano was quite out of tune. I recorded several of the “most-in-tune” keys and brought the recordings back home. I ended up picking the 15 best sounding keys to use. I fixed some tuning on some of the samples and then tried to denoise them as best I could.

The sample consists of 15 keys spread across the range of to fill in all 88. Each key has 3 round robins, 2 dynamic levels, and the key release sounds.

The piano has a light action and is naturally fairly bright in sound. But the recordings came out a bit harsher than I wanted. So I added a softness control to the UI which is just a low-pass filter that lowers as you turn the control knob up. I also added a basic reverb control since the recording has a fairly close sound.

It’s not the best piano, but it’s like a family member to me. I feel like I saved it, in a way, by making this sample. And gives me all sorts of nostalgia to be able to play the same piano at home that I played in my childhood home.

Sample Demo:


Mike Heimburger


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  • Character! What I was looking for...

    Full of character, great job. Too many pianos sound the same, perfect. I was wanting something I could play Tom Waits on, or old church hymns and get a little nostalgia from it. Wishing it was running in decentsampler though as I don't have the full Kontakt,'s great for the 15min I get to play it before reloading, ha!. Thank you so much! -Brooke

    gnumusic15 November 2023
  • nice home tune-piano

    so cool to see another piano on pianobook! It's perfectly in the spirit of the community and really well sampled. Very playable and captures that sound of a family home piano really nicely. The addition of the softness control is is well chosen too, really takes some of the home tuned sound out while preserving a bit of it too.

    ryan weeksSamplist 01 June 2023