MXP SuperSaw

A highly-customizable synthesizer sound....

The story

“Hey Pianobookers!

As a guitar-guy I could never evolve much love for synths until I discovered Christian Henson and his Modular-Monday. Still being a student I also can not afford
real modular synthesis or some hardware-synths so I bought Reaktor 6 and started using my developement-skills for music-related environments. But I still missed
the analogue feel and character.

Some months later I discovered the ToyBox-Audio modules for Reaktor and was, as anyone, who has never truly experienced analogue sound, quite pleased with its analogue
character and started using this modules nearly exclusively.

So some days ago, I made a quite simple and fat supersaw synth with it and wanted to share this patch with you, giving you one of the most commonly used
EDM-sounds in Kontakt!

Across 5 octaves every note is sampled, having 14 voices each. They are slightliy detuned and panned and every note has an added ninth, giving it a nice character.
There is a clean and a distorted set of samples, because I enjoyed the distortion within Reaktor far more than the ones in Kontakt.

I would love to hear this patch used in some of your productions!
Unfortunately this is made with Kontakt 6 since I do not own Kontakt 5.
But feel free the use the samplesets, if you still want to use it!



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