The story

“Hey Pianobookers!

As a guitar-guy I could never evolve much love for synths until I discovered Christian Henson and his Modular-Monday. Still being a student I also can not afford
real modular synthesis or some hardware-synths so I bought Reaktor 6 and started using my developement-skills for music-related environments. But I still missed
the analogue feel and character.

Some months later I discovered the ToyBox-Audio modules for Reaktor and was, as anyone, who has never truly experienced analogue sound, quite pleased with its analogue
character and started using this modules nearly exclusively.

So some days ago, I made a quite simple and fat supersaw synth with it and wanted to share this patch with you, giving you one of the most commonly used
EDM-sounds in Kontakt!

Across 5 octaves every note is sampled, having 14 voices each. They are slightliy detuned and panned and every note has an added ninth, giving it a nice character.
There is a clean and a distorted set of samples, because I enjoyed the distortion within Reaktor far more than the ones in Kontakt.

I would love to hear this patch used in some of your productions!
Unfortunately this is made with Kontakt 6 since I do not own Kontakt 5.
But feel free the use the samplesets, if you still want to use it!


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  • Pretty useful

    Although im usually not that into sounds like these, this is such a classic EDM sound and theyre so useful in big drops. The GUI has alot of control but i agree with sam that it doesn't make sense not to have asdr controls of the filter cutoff. This makes this less useful and might make me resort to stock synths or third party synths in my daw that have alot of controllability. Its awesome to make an instrument like this for Pianobook but its not necessary unique since we all have something like this in our DAW. Still, its very useful and next time im looking for a sound like this ill try both this out and other VST synths and see which one i like more in context

    septemberwalk12 November 2021
  • Get out of synth jail free card

    This is a great sound that won't get used very often, but when the situation calls for it, it's an obvious choice! It's big saws in stacked 5ths that take up a lot of space in a mix and add a lot of energy and hype to the sound, completely at the expense of any kind of conventional voice-leading. I'm partial to this kind of stuff and appreciate this sound a lot.

    Sure, you could craft a similar sound in Serum or whatever, but why do that when you can just load a well-designed sound already made, for a lot less CPU load and time?

    Thanks Maximilian :)

    sethbutlermusic02 September 2023
  • It's definitely a Super Saw!

    It's actually two, combined into one, the clean and the distorted. The sounds can be very interesting, especially since they are supposed to be very customizable. The GUI offers two different section, one for each sound, both with full AHDSR controls along with filters and an imager knob.

    The problem is that the ADHSR in the distorted section doesn't seem to affect the distorted sound, but the clean sound instead, and it can be buggy from time to time, so you need to keep that in mind, since if you touch that up, the envelope of the Distorted sound is going to be different, resulting in a weird overall sound.

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
  • Big Saw!

    This library has sawtooths -- sawteeth? -- in spades! It's warm, buzzy, and has a nice analog feel. It's worth noting that the loop is audible, so you get a little skipping effect ever few seconds when the waveforms hit the end of the loop. There are lots of controls included on the GUI, which is awesome. I think there's a missed opportunity here, though. I would have loved ADSR controls of the filter cutoff. It seems like a no-brainer for a synth library. Even so, this is well recorded and usable just the way it is.

    Sam EcoffSamplist 03 November 2021