Mum’s Accordion

An old 1926 Foreign Accordion passed down through the generations.

The story

Mum’s Accordion

By Phil Hartley

Here is a quick sample of My mum’s old 1926 Foreign Accordion which my nan bought her in 1953 second hand to learn at school, it has been in every studio I’ve had over the past 30 years and appeared on numerous recordings and sat gathering dust until uncovered again during lockdown and gave a massive injection of inspiration to a cue I’ve been working on for days and alas the melody required a D two semitones above what this little old dear was endowed with so Sampling it had to be done and I figured it could be my first offering to the Pianobook Community of which I’m a huge fan

I recorded the accordian with an S.E. Electronics Gemini II Tube Mic ( Front Mic) and a Warm Audio WA47 ( Rear Mic) into my SSL Six Preamps into Pro Tools

I sampled all 25 keys with two dynamic layers P and F plus release triggers of the clicky keys ( RT Vol) , no round Robbins on this one instead the lower P dynamic is long and low to full extension of the squeeze box and some of the notes were tailored to the part but it has a nice character to it
Finally I Chose one of the filters (Cutoff ) that sounded the most like the action of the accordion when playing solo, added a nice bit of reverb with the convolution.

I must say I love the Pianobook template for Kontakt

Hope you all enjoy

Phil Hartley

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  • A great instrument

    I did a search on accordion plugins this morning, expecting to pay up to 200 for something with good Kontakt implementation. I was surprised to find this for free, and it's exactly what I wanted. I quickly wrote a song with this instrument and I will write many others with it. This has a deep, resonant, characterful sound that is simply huge! Thanks, Phil.

    Mike Naglak06 March 2022
  • Thank you for offering us a great solution

    It's tough to justify buying an expensive accordion VI if you only need one once in a blue moon, so this was an amazing gift to the community. It sounds great and gets the job done! bravo

    Humans Win15 April 2022
  • Old but still strong !

    This instrument have a great bass harmonics that make it sound very large and powerful, the sound quality is good and feels authentic. I like it, it's immediately makes me think of some sailors going on the infinite ocean, singing good old songs about the kraken.

    Oathr12 October 2021
  • really cool to have this

    Its always nice when we get instruments on pianobook that aren't often sampled. The sample makers on here are so creative you could pretty much get any instrument on this site. Although i would pretty much never use this in my original music, i still think its fantastic to have in the toolkit if a scoring opportunity ever comes up where its needed. It makes me think of the movie ratatouille. Round robins on this would of course be nice but its not nearly as necessary on this than it is on pianos, bells and drums. Theres some file errors when loading up the instrument which will definitely turn away beginners who dont know how to deal with this so i would try to fix that if i were you but all in all this is a great instrument to have around.

    septemberwalk11 November 2021
  • Well done, could be even better!

    This is a very nice accordion instrument that features a very mellow sound for its kind, and even though I don't like the default accordion character, I like this one, a lot!

    There are a few issues that keep it away from being perfect though. I noticed that the Front Mic samples seem to have some noisy clicks every now and then, but surely you can turn the mic down or you maybe you like it as a realistic texture.

    The most confusing part might be the GUI tough. Right now, it features 6 horizontal sliders at are mapped to vertical mouse movement, and the sensitivity is quite low as well. Perhaps using the Pianobook template would make it simply perfect!

    Alex Raptakis01 December 2021
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