Mountain Dulcimer

Mountain Dulcimer....

The story

I am a composer who like many, comes from a band/songwriter background . I do a lot of Cinematic Americana and Roots music, as well as more quirkier and Indie stuff. There are so many great libraries out there with amazing sounding orchestras and multi-sampled pianos etc ( Spitfire being among the very best!) , but I often find myself going for more raw,imperfect sounds to bring a sense of realism to the track. I love Spitfire Labs for that reason!

I appreciate Christian being a champion to people making their own samples and he has helped shift my perspective a bit. What I once saw as limitations that I had as far as gear (ahem.. I mean “kit”:) I now see as an opportunity to be more unique and authentic to my own original voice and style. “Necessity is the mother of invention” as they say!

Pianobook has given me the perfect arena to take off the sampling training wheels off and share what I am making. I’m glad it has featured four instruments so far and that people have been using them! Thanks again Christian, for creating such an amazing community!


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  • Comes with some problems...

    This one has some playability issues for me. Starting from the simple "Mountain Dulcimer" patch, I really loved the character of it, but I ran into some problems very quickly. If you play moderately fast between the two "ranges", you will realise that some samples won't be registered at all, resulting in dead key presses, which is quite unfortunate. This is also one of the noisiest patches I've heard from Joshua. You will also find a percussive patch that I don't necessarily liked. When it comes to percussion, I think that you kind of NEED some round robins, otherwise everything sounds way too fake. The Blackhole multi is very soothing, to the point I want to cry... There are also some drone-like patches that you can explore. All of those seem quite interesting as always. Once again, there are no options for you to play with, and this time the image choice kind of takes the magic away...

    Alex Raptakis16 October 2021
  • Not just a dulcimer

    The plucked dulcimer itself is a nice enough sound although not the cleanest with the notes cutting out before they fade. There are however lots of great organic textured pads that could work in a variety of different situations.

    Jim Sanger16 October 2021
  • New instrument / sound to play with

    Interesting and original!! There are many choices of pads and drones. Ambient Mountain Dulcimer is a very nice mixture of pad sound and steel.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021