The story

I created a simple 808 bass on my modular synth using my analog oscillators and envelopes!

You can shape the length 808 with the release knob and use the glide knob to glide between the notes. The samples are also looped perfectly for infinite sustain!

I added an Attack knob incase you want to layer it with an actual kick and need the 808 to fade in a bit.

The 808 library includes two presets, a smooth version and a saturated version.



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  • Punches way above its weight

    Wonderful stuff. Right in your face saturated attack gives one hell of a kick. GUI was nicely chosen and just right. Thank you for this, appreciate your work.

    Rubin17 November 2022
  • Compact and punchy!

    This is a simply yet very effective instrument that feautres an 808 bass sound, with excellent sampling and a nice punchy attack. It is packed in a nicely designed GUI that features an Attack, Release and a fantastic Glide knob, all of which are pretty useful for this kind of sound. It has pretty much everything you need, and it gets right to the point without any excess work.

    You will find two patches that you can add to your DecentSampler library, a smooth and a saturated one. I really like both, and I wonder if there could be a way where there was just one patch with an adjustable saturation setting.

    Nevertheless, it's great, compact and easy to use. Recommended for sure!

    Alex Raptakis02 September 2022
  • An incredible bass

    The sounds are great. You can do a lot of things with the two presets included in the pack.

    The interface is very nice. The background image is appropriate for what you can do with this pack. The design of the knobs is impressive; I like that you put the circular controls on dark buttons, they blend very well.

    In summary, we are in front of a not very heavy pack with a great content. A resource worth downloading and using.

    GuilleDSamplist 24 September 2022
  • 808

    It would have been cool to have the saturation on the mod wheel or a different knob instead of having a separate patch.