The story

The Mini Electric sound comes from my Novation MiniNova, which was the first hardware synthesizer I owned. This particular patch always caught my attention cause I felt it was kind of a middle ground between an electric piano and a vibraphone if I applied a tremolo effect. As I used it a lot, I ended up sampling it to avoid carrying around my MiniNova everywhere, having to connect all the cables every time and all that stuff.

Recently I developed a profound interest in sampling and learning Kontakt, so I thought I could give it a go and create my first ever sample library packaging those MiniNova samples along the FX I often use with them. And of course, I wanted to share it with everyone.

Hope you like it and inspiration finds you using it!


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  • A G E M R E A D Y T O U S E

    First of all, to say that I love this instrument, from the starting point, to all the possibilities that you can achieve with the sound.
    It's ready to use on the job, at any level, and performs incredibly well under different types of tests, even in complex situations. (recording, sketches, live performances, etc.).
    Congrats to the sampler, Caye, and I look forward to more treasures like this in the future!

    the_soundwriter11 May 2022

    WOW, this instrument has exceeded my expectations. It is truly amazing to see such well crafted instrument for a first upload by the creator, Caye. My congrats!

    This instrument gives a beautiful keyboard sound that could be used in many different styles, as it comes with various useful parameters that can be easily controlled to adapt the sound. It even comes with its own delay and reverbs, which I see as a plus.

    Not only its sound, but the way it looks is amazing. The interface is very user friendly, everything is displayed clearly and the design is beautiful!!

    Thanks to this user-friendly and astonishing design, as well as its well recorded and quality sound, I find it to be a perfect instrument for both beginners and professionals!

    Thank you for uploading this!

    Cristina Zadia20 May 2022
  • Premium-like key insturment

    While this key instrument offers a simple and non-mindblowing sound, it is a very, very well sampled and designed one, to the point that it could easily be considered a premium one. The sampling is great, the included settings make it very versatile, and the design is beautiful. There is not much else to say, other than it's definitely recommended!

    Alex Raptakis15 May 2022