The story

This pack was created from recordings made in the Old dairy crest milk factory, Great Torrington.

During the Covid-19 lockdowns I was living in Great Torrington, North Devon. Once a bustling town, it has suffered due to the Beeching cuts reducing accessibilty to the rest of the county. One such casualty is the old milk factory that closed in 1992.

In between work, caring for children, isolation etc. I found a few hours to spend inside the largest warehouse (which has been converted into a (unofficial) skatepark). I had been moving around quite a lot, sofa surfing, so I only had access to a limited set of instruments a recorder, glockenspiel and a ukulele. I also took advantage of some of the pipes and junk scattered around to create some percussion sounds.

The recordings are what they are, I had limited time due to the circumstances, and am now quite far away from the area so am unable to record any more.




Reviews for Milk Factory

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  • Absolutely brilliant!

    Honestly? The most wonderful sounds I’ve had coming from my iPad, and believe me I’ve been trying to make music for a long time on it! There is one problem…. Always is one. No matter what I do there is always an issue with loading samples in Decent Sampler, it’s most certainly not limited to this particular pack. I’m extraordinarily grateful it works unlike oh so many. Thank you absolutely brilliant

    Goozy09 February 2023
  • Fun and different

    Cool story! I like the sampling, particularly the ethereal sort of sound with the blend turned up. Are there birds in some of the recorder samples?! This is a fun instrument to play with. Thanks for sharing.

    Giles M06 February 2023