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Hello, I am Scott Nivoix, a French composer and this is my first contribution to the wonderful Pianobook community ! Hats off Mister Henson, and a big thank you to all contributors who share so much inspiration here … Here is my Micromoog Synth, from 1977, nicely unstable now, so I sampled it through a Manley preamp and an RME Fireface. It’s not a conventional Moog sound, but it shows the potential of this instrument. I hope it will be useful and inspiring, Cheers ! Scott


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  • A theremin in a... submarine?

    I am not writing this in a negative manner, but to me, it really sounds like a Theremin with an impulse response similar to what we usually label as "submarine". It's a very interesting synthetic sound, not too smooth, not too sharp. It's also very airy too. Very interesting nontheless!

    Alex Raptakis17 January 2022
  • A soft, airy synth sound

    I've never played a Micromoog, but now I can! There are 5 patches, which all the same basic soft, airy sound, somewhere between 'ethereal' and 'electronic glitch' Two of the patches make use of the Kontakt unisono/portamento to achieve the portamento-lead style synth, one of them with a bit more character in the form of 'Singing Ghost'. Overall it's a nice library which I suppose probably gives a fairly authentic feel for the original synth!

    EamonSamplist 24 May 2022
  • It's got its own sound.

    As one reviewer said, it sounds a lot like a theremin (the legato patch at least).
    The A patch has a great analogue tone to it. The other patches, not much to my liking. It's a good way to get the raw sound of a micromoog. Sound quality is great. There's just not much else to the sampled notes.

    rrahim24 May 2022