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I hope you don’t mind me using the familiar form of Tu, as I think we are all friends by now!

I got this Casio VL Tone for Christmas when I was a little kid. I loved recording melodies on it and then playing them at a much faster speed.It gave a glimpse of my midi “cheating” later in life. Anyways, I lined out of it and went in to an old Fender amp, so it had some extra air and life to it. I did all kinds of processing in the box. The “Casio Swells” and “Casio Flutter Pad” were more of a re-imagining. I combined and blended every VL tone instrument together, for a more larger, cinematic scope. The “Sub Casio” bass and “Casio VL Tone Beats” are more of a nod to the original lo-fi vibe. I included a multi combo of both pads called “1980 Pad”!

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  • Very Slow attack but beautiful and interesting

    The attack of these pads are extremely slow, at first i thought they weren't working. But that's not really a complaint. The sound of these pads are extremely beautiful and interesting. Theres a-lot of nice modulation going on and it always feels like its evolving which is really cool. Not much else to say, there's no ability to control anything in this instrument but its still very inspiring and playable

    septemberwalk26 October 2021
  • Bleeps and beauties.

    A classic VL Tone Kit, a classic "bass 'n' bleep" patch - make sure you extended the zones right up to the top of the keyboard and two corking pads that sound absolutely nothing like a VL Tone :-D Another JM classic in the making.

    Mark Lord06 December 2021
  • Playable and easy to use pad

    It's very different from the sound you imagine from the title. Casio's Flutter / Swell is like another drone pad, very easy to play out of the box.

    Asuka Amane16 October 2021
  • A great sound from a classic Casio!

    Surprisingly playable for and instrument with no controls. This instrument has a range of patches that provide you with some great sounds. My personal favourites are the Casio Swells and the Tone Beats patches. Marvellous stuff!

    R.Treves18 October 2021
  • Great sounds!

    I've been using Joshua's VL Tone library for some time now, and always find it engaging and enthralling. It's a really neat collection of processed pad and key sounds, and I do always love the blip pity bloopity percussion. This is a lot of fun to play and a worthy download!

    Sam EcoffSamplist 30 October 2021
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