Metal Saucer

A deeply sampled tiny cymbal, struck with wood and metal spoons. Includes three sound-designed pads....

The story

I found this metal saucer at my parent’s house. I was captured by its long, resonant tone and did some experiments with it using an SM57 and a Zoom H2.

There are two “natural” instruments, one using a wooden spoon and one using a metal spoon as mallets (you can guess I’m no percussionist). With the luxury of having only one note to sample, I captured more dynamic layers (4 and 5) and round robins to make the sounds more realistic.

The timbre is quite impure, which gives it a slight “gamelan” feel. I think the sounds could work well for horror scores as well as ambient.

I also had loads of fun creating 3 pads using granular synthesis. Remember to slide that mod wheel!




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  • Metallic sound with a "Je ne sais quoi"

    I really enjoy that sound, but I can't put my finger on why. Maybe it is the Gamelan feel to it, the rich tones in both low and high ranges, the playabilty... It has this magic and mysterious feeling.

    Fred Poirier16 October 2021
  • Good

    It's a really nice and interesting library and the modulation button it's quite cool for some experiment sounds

    ARKAN14 October 2021
  • Bell like sound

    Nothing new with the sound here. Peaceful pad sound. Can be used in many different ways. Use this and layer it with a peaceful choir or peaceful strings for a nice relaxing chill soundscape. Enjoy!

    dafingaz13 October 2021