Matt’s Fender Rhodes

A Fender Rhodes Mark I 73 Key Electric Piano possibly played by the late great keyboardist Kenny Kirkland....

The story

Fender Rhodes Mark I 73 Key Electric Piano

Sampled using a Countryman Type 10 Active DI into a Chandler TG2 Mic Input, no processing.

A#2 is a bit of a dead tine but adds some character, or you could remap that key.

Roll with your own chorus, tremolo, reverb etc and enjoy!

This Rhodes was sold to me by a high school where I taught at long ago to raise funds for new keyboards. The late great keyboardist Kenny Kirkland attended this school and I was told he used this Rhodes extensively.

Matt Blostein


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  • You can never have enough Fender Rhodes Samples

    This went straight into my go to Fender Rhodes library, adding loads of processing really brings out the character. More like this please

    Leon Price14 October 2021
  • Great for mellow chords

    This library comes with one articulation style that works particularly great for chords as expected from a Fender Rhodes. It sounds good along the whole note spectrum. The volume output is a bit on the quiet side, even if you max out the output level DS version. However, if you look for a more attacky, percussive Fender Rhodes sound for rhythmic playing, this might not be it. It's probably to soft, unless you do some heavy sound design transient shaper might be your friend here. Use the built in reverb at 0.032 and note release at 0.200 as a good starting point DS version. Thanks for sharing this gem with the community!

    Synthiemental13 October 2021
  • Sounds exactly like you need to

    This Rhodes library have a great sound quality, it's really efficient if you need something straight. In my opinion, it lacks of velocity response if you want to make it the main instrument of your track, but is perfectly usable. Anyway, Imitate the sound of a real Fender Rhodes is almost impossible.

    Oathr12 October 2021