Matt’s Fender Rhodes

A Fender Rhodes Mark I 73 Key Electric Piano possibly played by the late great keyboardist Kenny Kirkland....

The story

Fender Rhodes Mark I 73 Key Electric Piano

Sampled using a Countryman Type 10 Active DI into a Chandler TG2 Mic Input, no processing.

A#2 is a bit of a dead tine but adds some character, or you could remap that key.

Roll with your own chorus, tremolo, reverb etc and enjoy!

This Rhodes was sold to me by a high school where I taught at long ago to raise funds for new keyboards. The late great keyboardist Kenny Kirkland attended this school and I was told he used this Rhodes extensively.

Matt Blostein

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  • Nice and Focused

    Tasty sound that doesn't have many options, but does its job well.

    MR1229 December 2021
  • The Rhodes to Happiness

    I have a Rhodes Mark 1 73 sitting right behind me. I can attest to the authenticity of this sound. Nothing quite captures all of the tiny nuances of the real thing, all of the inconsistencies, all of the little things that go wrong, the feeling of the vibrations of the tines in your hands as you play, and the really crappy action of a real Rhodes. However, this comes darn close. This sample library is pretty gritty. You can hear that some of the hammers need their rubber tip replaced -- E0 for example. I can't quite explain what it is, but there's something that's not quite right about the treble. It sounds great, but there's something distinctly different from what I hear from my instrument. It feels like the velocities got harder as the instrument was sampled higher and higher. Despite these minor things, this library is still really wonderful and useful. it's worth downloading!

    Sam Ecoff07 November 2021
  • "Rhodes? Where we're going we DO need Rhodes!"

    A Rhodes that sounds fantastic! This has been programmed extremely well and it feels very playable. The Bb2 key is a dead key but if you really care that much you could just duplicate one of the samples from the keys closest to it. This really is great!!

    R.Treves08 November 2021
  • Works wonders!

    A great rhodes library by any measure! Lots of character waiting to be teased out with a little saturation. Love it.

    Marley / Ada21 November 2021
  • Simply and Awesome Rhodes Patch

    This is a really awesome Rhodes and i remember it from last year when i first got on pianobook when there weren't that many electric pianos on the site. Its simple but sounds really nice. Theres a pretty good amount of dynamic range. Arturia has a free JUNO chorus plugin that i recommend everyone checks out. I always throw it on this Rhodes when i pull it up. It also has that slight key noise which is nice and is sometimes missing from other Rhodes patches. This is a big part of what makes it sound authentic and i actually wish there was more of it but its still a nice effect. It would be nice to have a GUI with some controllable parameters but overall this is a great instrument

    septemberwalk28 October 2021
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